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The Indonesian submarine He disappeared from the radar Wednesday It is found 100 km north Bali, About 850 meters Divided into three parts. There are no survivors, feared, among the 53 crew members aboard the German-made KRI Nanggala 402 that have been supplied to the Jakarta Navy and have been in service since 1981, and which have sunk for reasons yet to be clarified while participating in an “ exercise ”. In a press conference with Chief of Naval Staff Yudo Margono, who provided the details of the discovery, Indonesian Army Commander Hadi Tjiganto told reporters with great sadness that all 53 people on board were killed. KRI Nanggala is divided into three parts, the hull, stern and main parts are all separate. The main body is cracked, he said, as he shows pictures of the wreck. Perhaps it was the failure of the electrical system that prevented the maneuvers from appearing, but what is certain is that once it descended below 300-400 meters it was able to withstand, The pressure of the water opened it.

Image of the wreckage (Afp)
Image of the wreckage (Afp)

Tragedy in minutes

Submarine hulls are compact but when punctured, water seeps in. Can you imagine the effect this would have on people getting watered at such pressure? From the words of Wisnu Wardhana, an expert at Sepuluh Nopember, the Indonesian Institute of Technology expert, we can understand the tragedy that occurred in a few minutes, when the car sank. It was in vain, therefore, A race against the time of emergency cars, A few hours after his disappearance they began to search the stretch of sea where they were last seen.

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Image of the wreckage (Afp)
Image of the wreckage (Afp)

The message is on TV

President Joko Widodo gave a speech on television, as soon as the news of the discovery of the remains at sea broke: All Indonesians are mourning this tragedy, especially for the families of the fleet. They are the best children of the nation, and patriots who protect the country’s sovereignty. For now, no bodies have been found.

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