Disney will resume production of the Star Wars films

    Disney will resume production of the Star Wars films

    It was announced three years after the conclusion of the last, not-so-well-appreciated trilogy

    Friday during a public event in London, UK Disney announce That in the next few years he will work on at least three different films star Wars, The most famous sci-fi film epic in the world, which acquired the rights to it in 2012. Between 2015 and 2019, Disney, the world’s largest entertainment company, released three new films in the saga, which made excellent profits but collected criticism and skepticism from critics and fans of the saga.

    Over the past four years, Disney has focused primarily on producing television series related to star Wars, While various rumors circulated about possible new films, directors and screenwriters were involved. Yesterday’s announcement is the first to highlight, as well as confirm Disney’s intent to continue investing in the production star Wars.

    At the London event, Kathleen Kennedy, president of a production company star Wars Disney Interiors officially announced three films. James Mangold, director and producer known among other things for the movie I interrupted the girls To direct the new movie Indiana Jones, will be working on a film set 25,000 years before the events told in the 9 films of the official saga. The second film is directed by acclaimed Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and will focus on one of the protagonists of the latest trilogy, Ray (the Jedi played by British actress Daisy Ridley). Finally, there will be a third film that will combine plots and characters from the latest popular TV series star Wars like Andor And The MandalorianIt will be worked on by Dave Filoni, who on behalf of Disney has handled almost all of the series star Wars released in recent years. No release date has been announced for the three films, nor is it clear which of the three films will be released first.

    In an interview given to The New York Times in 2019 Disney president Bob Iger admitted that they probably released too many Disney movies star Wars in a very short time. Since then, many theories have circulated as to how Disney continues to produce content in the universe star Wars (There was never any doubt he would: In 2012 he paid $4 billion for the rights to the franchise.)

    In the meantime, I have mainly focused on the TV series, which have been made available on the streaming platform, Disney+: Andor And The Mandalorian Both critics and enthusiasts love them very much. Perhaps their success inspired Disney’s decisions regarding the continuation of the saga: Dave Filoni’s film will be a kind of sequel to the various TV series in the saga, including Ahsoka, a series about young Jedi that will be released on Disney+ in August. Mangold’s film will break away from already established characters to tell a side story, just as I did Andor. While Charmaine Obaid-Chinoy’s film will focus on one of the few elements that really worked in the last trilogy, this is the character of Ray.

    During the event, Kennedy also confirmed that two more films are in development – so they haven’t been confirmed yet star Wars, He entrusted it to director and comedian Taika Waititi (one of the films Jojo Rabbit) and comedy director and writer Shawn Levy. Less is known about these two films than is known about the three films advertised.

    magazine diverse However, he found confirmation On the fact that Disney has dropped two projects related to star Wars Which he has been talking about in recent years, albeit in very vague terms: a film by a director Wonder WomanPatty Jenkins, about the pilots of the Rebel Alliance at the time of Luke Skywalker, the protagonist of the first three films of the saga, and another we know to be lesser was produced by Kevin Feige, the head of the Marvel production company, famous for his superhero films (Marvel is also owned by Disney).

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