Discovered at the bottom of the sea, it looks like an octopus but it’s not: you’ll be out of breath

    Discovered at the bottom of the sea, it looks like an octopus but it’s not: you’ll be out of breath
    Octopus – technological passion

    As always, the sea hides crazy secrets from us: the latest discovery is exciting. And this time we are talking about octopuses.

    As we well know, only youA very small part of the sea floor was heard on our planet And yet we don’t have anywhere near ready-made tools to fully control it. Many stories have been told over the years, A.J Science fiction traitsI’m the one who talks about sea monsters or even dinosaurs that never became extinct.

    It is so wonderful to think that the sea is still unknown, even if sometimes the thought of it can strike a little fear in many people. Fear of the unknown, as we know, is a part of the human brain and it is very normal.

    The many movies we have seen in the cinema and in our homes over time have also contributed to this fact, in these movies we often talk about fearsome animals, such as giant sharks or prehistoric sharks that resurface to kill any of them and wreak havoc. On the shores of the city as an example of story building.

    Crazy search

    Striped octopus – technological passion

    Poppy as we know are animals that leave us speechless. Because their physical form offers really strange details. Their ability to camouflage is well known, and they are often used to confuse predators because in this way they can easily blend in with the surroundings.

    This peculiarity makes them crazy but at the same time difficult to study because biologists often cannot even identify them. A new study on a dwarf zebra octopus could change everything: These animals seem to have “fingerprints”.

    The striped octopus Pcifico lesser is an animal that has already been discovered but what has left us speechless is the pattern of stripes that are unique to each specimen and likely help these animals recognize each other throughout their lives. As always, the sea makes us discover new things every day

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