Discover Australia – Panorama

    Discover Australia – Panorama

    Kangaroo by the sea. The Great Barrier Reef was shot from above. The amazing Jim Jim Falls. Here are some of the 28 photos on display along Milan’s Corso Vittorio Emanuele through May 31 for the exhibition. Come say G’day, Dedicated to the beauty of Australia,View the country’s most iconic icons, from the Sydney Opera House to Uluru at the Red Centre, endemic wildlife, sunny beaches, coral reefs and the world’s oldest living Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. As explained Eva seller, Regional General Manager Continental Europe for Tourism Australia, the show is designed to inspire and motivate Italians to book their next adventure in Australia. “With less than 100 days to go until the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals kick off in July, the exhibition is a great way to showcase the destination’s vast and rich offerings and the amazing experiences Australia has to offer.” “Visitors to the outdoor exhibition will not only know which iconic places to visit, but will be able to learn more about the destination’s offering thanks to the QR codes in the labels of each image.”

    Come say G’day, part of Australia’s global tourism campaign starring Ruby, a commemorative kangaroo, flanked by a mural made with sustainable paints by street artist Etsom (Alessandro Corti) at Corso Garibaldi 81, which can be seen until the end of the month. The selection of the mural was inspired by the picturesque Australian street art that characterizes every city in Australia, such as the famous Melbourne Corridor where every wall is decorated by street artists.

    And those planning a trip to Australia can’t miss the new desert show in front of Ayers Rock (Uluru in Aboriginal language) created by Voyages original Tourism Australia that combines the ancient Anangu novel with the latest projection technology of drones, lasers and lights: Wintjiri Wiru – which in the local Anangu language means ‘beautiful sight on the horizon’ – brings to life a chapter of the ancestral history of the local Mala community, located between Kaltukatjara (Docker River) and Uluru. The ancient story is revealed with more than 1,100 luminous drones that take off every night to tell and project images into the sky. Thanks to perfect choreography and visual art, the drones depict the history of Mala, accompanied by narration in Aboriginal language and a soundtrack made from traditional songs performed by members of the community. local anangu. The presentation appears in two formats ( with a dinner curated by Aboriginal Chef Mark Olive at sunset or just show with knuckles and ice cream.

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