Discover Australia: All you need to know and visa procedures

    Discover Australia: All you need to know and visa procedures

    Often times, people give up beginning Because you are afraid of the number of hours airline that they will encounter. to get to AustraliaIn fact, it takes between 16 and 24 hours by plane, but that depends on which airport you choose to land at.

    The stops an airport In fact, there are 7 of the continent: MelbourneAnd the SydneyAnd the BrisbaneAnd the PerthAnd the AdelaideAnd the Darwin And the cairns, although only 5 of these provide regular and frequent contacts with Europe. It must be said, however, that Direct flights from Italy It has not been contemplated by any of the Australian airports, so travelers from our country must necessarily stop.

    Compared to Europe, the nearest city is Perthso by choosing to land at the local airport, the Actual flight hours There will be about 16. A completely different story for those who want to go to Sydney o MelbourneIn this case, travel times expand significantly, and even reach 22-24 hours of travel. In both tracks, of course, the hours didn’t count between one of them Stop and the other.

    No entry without a visa

    Before Book your trip to AustraliaHowever, it is advisable to check that there is a prerequisite to be able to enter: Opinion.

    A must have for anyone arriving from overseas, unless of course they are already an Australian citizen Valid entry visa. Let it be for one person vacation or for a trip From work, having this document with you is necessary, under pain of non-arrival and, above all, immediate expulsion from the country.

    there Australia visa applicationAnd the For those who intend to stay on the continent It can be done easily onlinebut you still have to reserve your document in advance, otherwise you risk arriving on the departure date without getting Opinion. Once you get the permit, you will have the possibility to implement more than one permit a tripBecause the certificate is valid for 12 months, and for each one SpendsWhether for study, work or pleasure, it can last up to 3 months.

    How much does a visa cost to enter Australia?

    The Australia eVisitor visa cost for Entering Australia provides a 14.95 EUR per person, but in extreme cases of emergency, or if you choose to place an urgent order, the additional cost to the user will be instead of 17 euros and fifty.

    covid emergency

    Despite the end of the Covid emergency, per Entering Australia Vaccination is still required. Until February 2022, in fact, no one could enter or leave the continent, due to the ban on flights. But even if all the airports now start operating again, the immigration department has had to deal with a very heavy workload, so waiting times in visa to enter Australia Could be longer.

    Let’s go

    Here, after mail order Get the visaAnd book the flight and pack your bags Now you can finally beginning. Don’t worry, all the flying hours you’ll have to face to get to Australia is definitely worth it.

    This land offers a number of expertise Unique, for all tastes. Of course, one Phase Which can’t be missing at all, is Sydney, one of the most important cities on the continent, and undoubtedly one of the most famous on the planet. ProfileOpera House it is now creative picture Its beaches are one nutural view without equality. The most famous is undoubtedly Bondi BeachThe mecca of surfers from all over the world, but also the most popular with families.

    for lovers temper natureOn the other hand, taking a tour to discover the legendary is inevitable Great Ocean Roadthe most beautiful scenic ride in Australia, with a length of 400 km, from Torquay to me Nelson.

    announce National Heritageto follow it is equivalent to a real one a trip discovery natural views Truly unique in the world, culminating in what really looks Vision like a dreamI 12 apostlesfrom the giant limestone mounds that lie near one of Australia’s national parks, Harbor Campbell.

    But Australia is a continent All that will be discovered, cross it city It has no limits desertsIn search of the perfect wave. who chooses visit This land leaves its heart here and carries with it indelible images of rare beauty.

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