Discover a planet completely covered in oceans – space and astronomy

    Discover a planet completely covered in oceans - space and astronomy

    Discovery 100 light years from Earth whole planet covered with waterwhich – which It revolves around two little stars. Call TOI-1452b, by an international research group led by Charles Kedio, a PhD student at the Canadian University of Montreal. the result is published In the Astronomical Journal.

    The planet was first identified thanks to the TESS space telescope, from NASA, which is precisely designed to survey our galaxy for planets outside the solar system. Once identified, the water-covered planet was analyzed in detail by a powerful new instrument installed at the Mont Megantic Observatory in Canada, which made it possible to discover its intriguing properties.

    Thus it was possible to confirm that TOI-1452b orbits a system of binary stars smaller than the sun They are separated by only 97 AU, just over twice the distance between the Sun and Pluto. The planet, on the other hand, is 70% larger than Earth It will be completely covered by a huge Ocean Dr ‘liquid water.

    The data indicates that there is a file hard corewhile theWater It would represent well 20% of its mass (On the ground it is only 1%.) New details about this new and interesting planet will soon be discovered thanks to observations with the James Webb Space Telescope that has been operating at full capacity for a few months.

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