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Direct was the most watched show – Nerd4.life

Direct was the most watched show - Nerd4.life

nintendo have won X-Box All’E3 2021: It was direct to the Japanese house Most Viewed Show event, with a peak of 3.1 million spectators versus 2.3 million from Microsoft’s conference.

So let’s get back to talking about it opinions, after that of Battlefield 2042, the most followed game in the Xbox conference, and that of Starfield, whose reveal clip totaled more than 7 million views, but in this case it refers to audience participation during various livestreams.

It’s interesting to note that this year’s Xbox Show was the most successful ever, and it’s no surprise that the titles’ important contribution can also be counted on. Bethesda, from the aforementioned Starfield to the novelty of Redfall.

However, the winner was Nintendo: either in terms of expectations towards the possible announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro, which as we know at last, or waiting for the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

According to data collected by Stream Hatchet, Ubisoft 3rd place in rating One of the most watched shows at E3 2021 with a peak of 1.4 million viewers, barely surpassing the convention Square Enix and 1.3 million viewers.

Finally, fifth place digital backWhich, despite the certainly limited resources of the companies mentioned so far, boosted its popularity at E3 with 1.1 million spectators.

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