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Digital terrestrial retransmission: There are two types of new broadcasters

cambio canali digitale terrestre

After, after Changes to the HSE Package Mid-February and those Mux Quenza 1, Quenza 2, and Telelibertà Last week, now it’s turn Misk Studio 1. Once again, users in certain regions will have to reset their set-top box or TV to continue watching all channels.

However, the continuous changes in frequencies are causing inconsistencies in the numbering of the channels, and therefore it is likely that we will see more changes in the coming days. Also because it is a duplicate of channels, with different LCNs but the same programming. The Ballet hesitationTherefore, this week continues as previously planned Close the calendar From the old digital terrestrial standard, which will be completely replaced by the new DVB-T2 standard in June 2022, at which time the old signal will be switched off throughout the national territory.

Digital terrestrial channels

From theory to practice: which channels change and where. In the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Valle d’Aosta, two new channels arrive in Mux Studio 1: This is a duplicate of Galaxy TV (Known as Galaxy TV2) and a copy Live Studio.

Galaxy TV becomes available after that on LCN 170 and 183, and transmits in standard resolution with MPEG2 compression, while Studio Live on LCN 178 and 179, again in standard resolution but with H.264 / AVC compression.

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We need to reset

To watch these new channels, in the areas indicated above, you need Set TV or set-top boxWe will, at the end of the day, see a numbering conflict for both with the current Italia 3 TV from Mux Canale Italia, located at LCN 170 and 179.

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