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“Digital service will start in Rome”


there will be taxes To come to the taxpayer’s house. Through an online office allows you to communicate directly with an administrative official, without standing in line in offices. All with a simple online reservation. Ernesto Maria Rovinj, Director generalrevenue agencyThe Messenger announces the new step of the digital revolution that is changing the face and organization of the financial machine. The revolution that starts from the right Rome. Then in light of the new appointments of specialist professionals to further combat tax evasion as requested by the NRP.

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Rovinj, tax agencies are resuming their normal activities, after a long suspension period due to Covid. how are you?
“We have never really stopped; we have only avoided sending documents to citizens, at the request of the government and Parliament. But now we are slowly recovering. Registration has already resumed and Riscossione will resume in September ».

But are you ready? Where are you from the problems that have affected employees and managers in recent years?
“It’s only a revenue issue. Following the 2015 Board Resolution on Responsible Directors, we have resumed development of the Competition Plan for Directors. We have finally completed an old competition for 175 CEOs, who will take their seats in September, and we have already launched a new competition for another 160 CEOs, which will take place next year. In addition, we asked Sna to select 45 additional CEOs who have already entered the service. We can say that we have now passed the critical stage for executive positions.”

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And for the rest of the staff, are you in enough numbers?
“First of all, in order to make office organization more efficient, the legislator has provided the agency with the number of “regulatory positions of high responsibility” – Poer – designed to coordinate operational activities. We foresaw 1483, and at the same time, we cut the number of managers by more than half, From 1,040 to 500. Over the past eight years, the number of employees has increased from 41,583 in 2012 to 31,312 in December 2020. But already there last year we completed a contest with the arrival of 560 new officials. And on August 13, we launched a new contest for 2,420 Position: Among them are tax officials, but also IT professionals, data scientists, officials who are experts in international taxation, legal activities, personal data protection, management control, data analysts, and cybersecurity analysts. This is also a goal envisioned by the NRP I presented The Draghi government, which envisages enhancing tax compliance and evasion activities by improving data analysis tools and increasing the personnel dedicated to this activity.For the most part, resources will be allocated to the 348 regional revenue offices operating scattered throughout the territory. In addition to it, 202 collection branches.

Of course, reimagining the ranks of the citizens in your counters isn’t ideal these days.
“We have taken advantage of this period that we leave to develop and enhance our services remotely for citizens, professionals, work consultants and cafes.”


So you no longer have to come to your offices?
“Let me clarify, we need to distinguish between the two agencies. In terms of revenue, electronic invoicing, electronic transfer of tax receipts, pre-filled VAT returns, and VAT records on purchases and sales are now part of the daily. In short, this project has already become a reality. ».

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This is for companies and VAT number holders. And for the average citizen?
“We have developed some IT applications that allow citizens – taxpayers to receive services on our website (www.agenziaentrate.gov.it) directly from their computers, tablets or smartphones. It is also possible to book a call from the office to receive assistance with your practices. Without going to the office, it is now possible to order the issuance of a certificate, a tax code and a health card, request a refund, submit a tax return, which every year is enriched with additional data pre-filled by the withholding agency, submit a declaration of succession, register a lease, refer to the rules of Cadastral data and mortgage.

And then?
«At the same time, it is still possible to book an appointment online in the office or book it through the toll-free number or the application, and finally also through the regional office switchboard. Just think that 80 percent of the citizens who come to our offices this year have already booked an appointment, while in 2019 it was only 8 percent. The usability of web services is a major factor in their penetration among taxpayers. The year 2020, also thanks to the pandemic, has contributed to the increased use of IT tools by citizens, who have now metabolized change and now have access to offices when necessary, and increasingly by appointment.”

And for the group?
“With regard to collection, on the website (https://www.agenziaentrateriscossione.gov.it) you can request information and assistance for different folders and notices, find out your debt status, download, fill out and submit forms for payment in debt installments, request suspension of collection Or refund the excess amounts that are deposited directly into your checking account, pay folders and activate the “If you forget” service to receive an appointment reminder ».

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By the way, there is the topic of “mini-pardons” for files of up to 5,000 euros between 2000 and 2010: but how do taxpayers know if they have fallen into this situation? And how should they act if they have ongoing installments for scrapping, balancing and extraction?
“Everyone can access their personal status to see if they have debts registered in the registry. We have prepared a special service on the site to check if there are debts of up to 5 thousand euros in your payment plan for Scrap ter, Balance and Extract, which will be canceled automatically as a result of Sostegni’s decree. But let me conclude…”

Let’s get back to the taxpayers?
“The agency is about to launch a new service: the online counter, which will allow citizens to book an appointment online with an operator, where they can talk to them face to face through a video call, but without having to physically go to the counter.”

“By autumn we shall depart with Rome and with the districts of Milan, Brescia, Bologna, Modena, Bari and Lecce, and then, gradually, also in the districts of the other provinces. Thus, later a similar service will also be offered at the Revenue Agency. We can say that we are really trying to formulate the advice of Adam Smith, who said in 1776 that “every tax should be collected over time and in the manner most likely to be convenient for the taxpayer.”

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