Digital Foundry analyzed old versions, all promoted, except for one –

    Digital Foundry analyzed old versions, all promoted, except for one -

    digital foundry He also wanted to analyze versions of Old generation console to elden ringnamely the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro, which promotes for almost all but one, which struggles a lot.

    We are talking about the version Xbox One S, which shows performance issues, steadily below 30 fps, excluding smaller dungeons, despite lower graphics details. In different cases, drops of less than 25 frames per second can be seen. The title is not completely unplayable, but in general it is recommended to wait for the device upgrade to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Issuance PS4 Smooth is rather more stable in frame rate, always close to 30fps, has some detail, runs at 1080p and doesn’t show certain meltdowns. Sure, don’t expect the best, but it’s still very interesting and doesn’t make you feel the absence of more powerful hardware.

    Copies are good too Xbox One X And the PS4 Pro, which is more visually beautiful, has a frame rate of over 30 fps, a higher resolution (PS4 Pro: 3200×1800, Xbox One X: between 2688×1512 and 3200×1800) and in general, it works better than the others. The PS4 Pro version is the best, but the experience with both is comparable. Little is happening with the latest generation of consoles.

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