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Difficult situation, Draghi can solve it. But the leader sees no repercussions on his trip to Siena- Corriere.it

  Difficult situation, Draghi can solve it.  But the leader sees no repercussions on his trip to Siena- Corriere.it
From Maria Theresa Meli

“We will protect the business and the brand,” the Democratic secretary said.

“The situation is difficult,” Enrico Letta told his aides and parliamentarians close to him. Democratic Party Secretary points to The story of Monte dei Paschi, but also to Political battle at Siena College In which he decided to run for the by-elections that will be held this fall at the same time as the local elections.The Right has already begun to attack: The League is moving on the ground and at the national level Maurizio Gaspari, releases at rest, go to denounce ‘Democratic conflict of interest’.

But out of focus and drama, even a little deliberately, No one in Dem’s house (and not only there) thinks the “Vice Affair” can really Affect Lita’s election campaignWhich makes him lose Siena College. So much so that someone in the pd house hints that the alarm has been set off and amplified by the Nazarene himself.

This does not mean that The case of Monte dei Paschi And its potential development does not worry Diem. “The position of the MPS – explains the leader of the Democratic Party – is a very complex situation that institutions and parties must face seriously, not with empty advertisements. Democratic Party – I personally, the Secretary of the Democratic Party and from I am applying to represent this district in Parliament With utmost commitment – we will work with the government on three main priorities: protecting jobs, protecting the brand, and group unity.”

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At this point, Nazareth asks a Daniel Franco To explain it in Parliament. Lita presents two heads of democratic groups. Indeed, in the late afternoon Deborah Sirakiani NS Simona Malpezi They solemnly urge the Minister of Economy: “We hope that Franco will come and report to the relevant committees of the House and Senate. Parliament must participate».

No to dismemberment of the bank Already announced the day before yesterday by Lita is repeated by all the leaders of Diem. The president of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Gianni, does this in his own way, in no uncertain terms: “It is not acceptable to swallow UniCredit MpsThe ultimate goal of PD work under the auspices of the secretary is also Get that direct presence of the state in the House I continue Throughout the bank’s organization phase To accompany the whole process.

But the case of Monte dei Paschi di Siena Definitely not a thunderbolt out of the blue The Democratic Party and its leader. Already in June, when the hypothesis of Lita’s candidacy in the Parliamentary College was left vacant for the first time before Pier Carlo Padoan After he became Chairman of the Unicredit Board of Directors, the problem was very present to all Democrats. So much so that many thought the secretary was reluctant precisely because he knew the “case” would explode in a matter of months, while, on the other hand, the Cenise Democratic Party leaders pushed to bring Lita to the field in the hope that, by nominating the Siena Party Secretary, Monte dei Paschi was protected. After all, it is a well-known story, the one that united the fate of the MPS and the Italian left (PCI first, Pd later).

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And therefore There is no “awkwardness” from Lita About his candidacy for the supplementary program because he knew very well that it would be “related” to the MPS question and that The resolution of the case cannot be postponed Until after the election, as expected With that said, the European Central Bank stress tests were released on July 31. The stress tests that Lita knew would have highlighted the impossibility of “going on like this”.

“I knew it from the start”, “I am moving forward with confidence,” explains the Democratic Party secretary calmly. Moreover, Letta believes that it is in the interest of the entire government to direct the process towards a “non-punitive solution towards the territory”. “The solution” is echoed by the leader of democracy who “preserves the occupation and avoids soup.” KomonkoAnd the Democratic Party Secretary “full confidence” in this matter in the prime minister’s office Mario Draghi: “If there is someone with the competence and the authority to lead a similar path, it is it,” Letta asserts forcefully.

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