Home World Die ripped apart by a tiger: the horror of a 21-year-old

Die ripped apart by a tiger: the horror of a 21-year-old

Die ripped apart by a tiger: the horror of a 21-year-old

Chilean died at the age of 21someone destroyed it Tiger“Inside a safari park, after I snuck into the big cat barn to clean up. The victim, who was summoned Catalina Torres Ibarra, Friday in the biopark of Rancagua, in the O’Higgins region of central Chile. This zoo safari was hitherto known to the public due to the fact that visitors can come across”zero distance“Tigers, such huge predators can approach and”Jump“On special reinforced vehicles that the sponsors traveled during the visits.

Based on rebuild Forensic, the young woman, who had worked for more than two years in the structure as an attendant and as a guide for occasional visitors, was supposed to be assigned by the park administrators to go and clean the tiger barn, although sanitation in this sector was not formally addressed within Catalina’s duties. As soon as she entered the place reserved for the big cats, her unfortunate colleagues would not have warned her that the cage of one of the animals “era OpenThe 21-year-old was attacked so badly by that tiger in the wild that she bit the first tiger in the neck.die instantly“.

The thesis that the victim had not been warned by his colleagues that the offending cage was open, was recently re-launched by Leonardo Malwenda, the young woman’s classmate, who unleashed thunder:Logic says they tell you to be careful if you go and clean up there, because the tiger was completely free at the time, but they didn’t warn her“.another severe accusation against Catalina colleagues made by Antonio Rojas, who is responsible for the financial management of the park, they were allegedly accordingly”Deliberately open“That the cage in the tiger enclosure, is in serious violation of established safety protocols and at the same time puts the unfortunate in danger of direct contact with the beast. However, this complaint was promptly and forcefully dismissed by the accused, who argued instead that the cage was indeed open and that they They will not tamper with it at all, and until the police shed light on the causes of the tragedy, the cursed bio-park will remain closed to the public.

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