Home Economy Didn’t you pay car tax in August? Here are the penalties

Didn’t you pay car tax in August? Here are the penalties

Car Tax 'Cancelled': Here's When and How

What happens if you forget to pay car tax By August? Here’s everything you need to know about the times that must be respected to be able to pay before the deadline and the penalties stipulated if they are exceeded.

For the month of August, the annual tax due to anyone who owns a car must be paid by the 31st: therefore, there are only 30 more days from the above-mentioned date (until, that is, until the 30th of September) in order to pay the expected amount and settle Debt to the tax authorities.

Measures, for those who do not make payments within the last one-month extension, starting from October 1st: In addition to the usual interest on arrears, in fact, Penalties which increases in proportion to the increase in delay. If you decide to settle the balance no later than 14 days after the September 30 deadline, the penalty will be 0.1% of the total vehicle tax. On the other hand, if you are more than 90 days late, you can increase up to 3.75% of the property tax.

On the other hand, what happens if, unfortunately, we have to postpone payment even after these conditions? After three years, the Revenue Agency is interested in sending the first notice of payment to the taxpayer, and if the debt is not paid, it will become subject to compulsory collection. This, among other things, can lead to Administrative detention For transportation and even booking a current account for an individual. The subsequent danger, then, is to see the said vehicle scrapped from the archives of the Public Vehicle Register (overland) in the area of ​​residence. After this condition, it will be necessary in any case to re-register the car so that it can turn regularly.

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