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Di Nuno: “I signed up for Lecco but it’s going to be a boys team”

Di Nuno:

De Nuno: “I scored Lecco

But it will be a team of boys.”

The blue-sky shepherd was disappointed: “I dropped my pants, but no one came forward. Someone was interested, but nothing about money. While he is speaking, the municipality is also forcing me to pay Bione.”

Lecco registered. Speech by Paulo De Nuno: “I am angry, but in the end I got involved with the team. Today (yesterday to reader, editor), I also sent the bank transfer to Florence. Hoping that someone will come close. Otherwise, a team of all the boys must be formed.”

In short, De Nuno himself refused, fortunately, in the part where he threatened not to register if he did not immediately receive 200 thousand euros. But he does not negate all the difficulties that are, this time, tangible and not just “burning”: «I replay my work (Elettronica Videogames di Cormano, editor), but there is not much. I make hardware and software (from video slots, editor), but new stuff doesn’t sell because they’re all afraid of another hiatus in September. So it does not move a lot of money. Rent is done, but not much … I have a few hundred cars, about three hundred … I tried to talk to friends everywhere. The ten thousand gave it to me anyway, but what do I do? This is also why I moved my parts.”

This means: “We have signed a marketing contract for Calcio Lecco. to advertise. Here there are no members. So many words, so few facts.

In short, de Nuno is appreciative but nervous: “I’m nervous because someone cares, but nothing about money. not see anything. I also contacted the former president of Como Massimo Nicastro, in the US, but he did not go after him either. At the moment, no one has come from the municipality. However, everyone told me they wanted a clean society and in this way, Lecco: clean and debt-free.”

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But De Nuno quit: “I always want to win. As long as Lecco is doing well. I dropped my ass, but no one came forward. I will go alone. Until I do it. You believe what a joke. But it is not so.”

The pastor still blucelleste takes it upon himself to the municipality “guilty” of a promise but not fulfilling. At least for now: «I have come to an agreement to rent the stadium to Seregno to earn something, so that he can play in the ‘Feruccio’ which has to be rebuilt. But the municipality said no. This money could have served me well. From the municipality I find wrenches everywhere… I didn’t want to fight and so Seregno is going to Busto Arsizio… I would also like to host concerts in the stadium. In short: I did not want to argue with the municipality, they are always right … until I bring them books and return the team to them ».

Di Nono did not deny the mayor Mauro Gattinoni, who spoke of the “interest” of “entrepreneur enthusiasts” and helping young people. But he would like to see the money. “Instead, as he speaks, the municipality also pushes me to Bione. In short, I understand everything, but I would like to see something concrete ».

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