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Development problems, Techland in disarray? – Multiplayer.it

  Development problems, Techland in disarray?  - Multiplayer.it

Death light 2 It appears to be navigating between different Problems, With a report talking about somewhat dubious project management by Techland, a company that appears to be under control A somewhat toxic work environment.

Obviously nothing is official, but it is clear that some problems arose during the development of Dying Light 2, considering that the game was announced a few years ago and has been replicated many times. Delayed, After being long scheduled for January 2020 and moving into 2021 with no release date or reference period.

Moreover, practically no material has emerged on this issue, reinforcing suspicions about it Health status From the project, even if we expect it to end. Recently, TheGamer published a report that starts with some Testimonials – recommendations Compiled from sources close to the Polish team, it shows a rather complex picture of Techland, as a workplace with a certain toxicity starting at the top.

The article includes testimonials from 10 former developers who remained anonymous, generally describing “authoritarian management, poor planning, and Toxic work culture Who comes from the top of the company, “it seems.

It seems that ManagementIn particular, it does not willingly accept any warnings or corrections from more experienced developers, which leads to a disconnect between executives and those who are already developing the game and delays the creation of Dying Light 2 also a lot due to poor management of practical problems of development.

Only in the past two months has it come out of the report at least 20 developers left Techland, to the point where it reconstructs various parts of the game and its storyline Paraphrased Six times or more so far. Obviously all this complicates the conclusion of the project, so much so that at the moment there does not seem to be an idea of ​​how long Dying Light 2 will be completed or what aspect and characteristics it might have in a subtle way. In any case, all of these remain rumors that have clearly not been officially confirmed.

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In fact, it was only revealed last month that Techland’s lead writer had left the team, raising further doubts about the validity of the project. Meanwhile, Collector’s Edition of Dying Light 2 from the leak has surfaced.

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