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From our correspondent
Washington – Republicans make a wall. Yesterday morning They rejected Democratic President Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion: Together, we ask Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment to the Constitution which permits the removal of the president if he “is no longer able to carry out his duties”.. The Conservatives’ refusal sparked a bipartisan clash that had abated after the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6.

The spokesman used very harsh words: “Republican complicity with Donald Trump endangers America.” At this point, the proposal will go to a vote, probably today. A penny hasn’t arrived yet. According to American media, the second man in the White House will be tormented by doubts. He will likely want to watch Donald Trump’s next moves. Today the president will hold a meeting in Alamo, a town a few kilometers from Mac Allen, on the border with Texas. Somewhat everyone is afraid of another “horror show”: mutual accusations of “stolen” elections and so on. All this in the context of great concern in light of Joe Biden assuming the presidency on January 20 next.

Another 10,000 National Guard, a war zone garrison, arrives in Washington. Pelosi announced that he would wait 24 hours to respond. Parallel to this, the dismissal procedures have already begun. He’ll put it to the vote tomorrow or Thursday, if the vice president doesn’t act. The text is signed by nearly all Democratic representatives, 210 out of 222. It’s a short resolution, four pages long. The accusation came in one article: “incitement to revolt.” Here are the basic steps. “On January 6, 2021 … President Trump addressed a crowd of his political supporters. Here he repeated false claims: “We won the elections and we won them by a collapse.”. He also made statements that encouraged – with clear results – illegal action against the Capitol Building. Motivated by President Trump, a crowd illegally stormed the building, injuring members of the police, and threatening members of Congress and the Vice President.

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The Accountability Act examines Trump’s long-running delegitimization campaign. Remember papers, among other things, Phone call with Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Ravensberger. Undue pressure to sabotage the result in that case: “Find me the votes.” Heavy conclusion: “With all this, President Trump has severely damaged the security of the United States, its institutions, and its government. He threatened the integrity of the democratic system, and interfered with the peaceful transfer of powers … Therefore, he betrayed the confidence he enjoyed as president, with obvious harm to the people of the United States. The dismissal request will be passed, because a simple majority in the hands of the progressives is sufficient. But it is not clear how this will continue. The Democrats are debating whether to refer the file to the Senate immediately, or wait a few months to give Biden time to start his government. Yesterday it was the president-elect himself who proposed a compromise: the Senate could alternate the indictment sessions with the sittings to ratify the appointments of its ministers. In any case, it is up to the Senate to decide whether or not to incriminate Trump, remove him from the White House, and ban him from running for office in the future. However, a quorum of two thirds is required. At the moment there is no.

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