Dementia in children, speaking a second language avoids its appearance

    Dementia in children, speaking a second language avoids its appearance

    Cremona – Pairing a second language with your mother tongue is an effective way to combat dementia. This is revealed by new Australian research, which was tested at the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology under the guidance of a clinical researcher princess Skegs. The object of the study was the frontotemporal variant of dementia named byFTD. It is a form of dementia that begins at an early age. Research has indicated that people who live in Australia but were born abroad, where they speak a language other than English, may delay the onset of byFTD.

    The study was conducted on more than 100 dementia patients, including people from English-speaking countries (such as Australia, the United States, and Great Britain), as well as people from non-English-speaking countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Fiji. Participants were divided into three groups: monolingual Australians, native English speakers, and foreign native speakers. Researcher Skeggs writes on the university’s website:There are mechanisms that activate the brain during one’s life; Switching between languages ​​has proven to be a huge benefit».

    “In cases of neurovegetative syndromes, such as by FTD, culturally diverse people may have a later onset than monolingual Australians because they benefit from other factors, which promote flexibility and cognitive reserve. The results are in no way related to the person’s race, only to the ability to speak another languageThe researcher confirms.

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