Home entertainment Delta variant, attacks WHO official: ‘devastating infection on live TV’

Delta variant, attacks WHO official: ‘devastating infection on live TV’

Delta variant, attacks WHO official: 'devastating infection on live TV'

After more than a year of a pandemic with lockdowns and restrictions, my final Euro 2020 In the football temple Wembley It was a festive, editorial event for tens of thousands of Italian and English fans. but forWorld Health Organization There is little to celebrate, to “watch the infection” spread live. Why dangerous delta variable He does not stop for a football match, and “will take advantage of vulnerable people, in crowded environments, without masksWho screams and screams and sings.

«devastating situation»

Status ‘devastated’, thundered in a tweet Marie Kerkhove, Technical Director ofWho is the For the Covid-19 crisis that asked itself yesterday: “Should I enjoy watching the infection happen before my eyes?” In the eyes of the World Health Organization pictures of crowds assembled a London, but also in Italy and other European countries for celebrations and events related to Euro 2020. It is too early to have definitive numbers, but since the start of the European Football Championship on July 8, there have been 2,535 cases of Covid-19 directly attributable to participation in matches, according to provisional data from monitoring by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), Which by August, the delta will account for 90% of all coronaviruses circulating in Europe.

The warning about infection for the variant was confirmed by the increasing numbers in different parts of Europe, starting with the United Kingdom, which has been experiencing an increase in infections for weeks now, today more than 34 thousand. Boris Johnson confirmed “Freedom Day” on July 19, when the most important restrictions inherited from the lockdown would be lifted. But the British Prime Minister renewed his appeal to “responsibility” so as not to spoil “the progress made”: the use of the mask will still be recommended for individual judgment or for business owners, on public transport and in crowded places inside buildings. . But it’s not just the UK that deals with Delta, and many countries are seeking cover to avoid the worst.

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Greece has decided to impose vaccinations on health workers and nursing homes, and from Friday until the end of August, only vaccinated people will be able to enter enclosed spaces such as entertainment centers, bars, cinemas and theatres. France is preparing to impose new countermeasures in the face of the advance of the variable that now accounts for about 50% of infections. Among the options, Paris is also evaluating the compulsory vaccination of health workers, “a very likely and legitimate hypothesis” according to the Elysee. In Spain, there has been an alarm for days, with Catalonia shutting down activities at 00.30 and limiting meetings to ten people, while the Valencian community has re-imposed a curfew of one to six in 32 municipalities – including Valencia – with a maximum of 10 people for gatherings. Social and family. In the Netherlands, the resumption of infection prompted Prime Minister Mark Rutte to apologize to his citizens for the decision to allow many activities to reopen, which turned out to come late: “What we thought was possible actually was not,” the leader of the Netherlands, where nightclubs were forced, said. and discos, just two weeks later, to close again, while measures have also been reintroduced for events such as music festivals or other typical events of the summer season.

Variable Delta, Andreoni: “Celebrations the apotheosis of virus transmission”

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