Dear Bells, Enel bonus starts without ISEE: How to get the discount


    Increase your electricity and gas bills: The ENEL bonus starts without ISEE and getting the discount is easier than you think.

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    Enel –

    The famous Italian multinational energy company ENEL decided to start operating ENEL bonus without ISEE: This made it possible to save consumers. This is an interesting initiative: here are the lucky beneficiaries.

    Exorbitant electricity and gas bills are bringing Italian families and businesses to their knees: according to data from the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority (Arrera), the increase in electricity costs is weighing on the pockets of Italians, who will. Spends over a thousand euros a year, according to estimates sun 24 hours.

    In recent months, research has analyzed the change in annual spending estimates. For families of two people, the annual consumption is less than 2000 kWh. Increased energy costs It is equal to 800 euros. For a family of 3, the jump in energy costs will be more than 1,700 euros per year. For families of 4, spending on energy consumption will rise to more than 2,600 euros per year by 2022.

    Electricity bills soaring: a UNC . study

    Regarding the rise in electricity prices, National Consumers Union (UNC) He noted that the most visible revision of the tariffs was the one that was implemented in October. According to a study by the National Consumer Union (UNC), the electricity bill from October 1 of this year to the end of September will be more than 1,700 euros.

    enel bonus without ISEE
    enel bonus without ISEE –

    This is a real unprecedented rise. If prices increase by 60 percentage points compared to last year, they rise by more than one hundred and twenty percentage points.

    Enel bonus without ISEE: This is it

    ENEL decided to offer the bonus without ISEE to help its customers. Enel bonus without ISEE rewards everyone who saves. Therefore, those who adopt virtuous behaviors and good habits that save energy are rewarded with a Bonus without ISEE.

    ENEL Bonus Requirements
    ENEL Bonus Requirements –

    It’s a good idea to conserve energy by following the following behaviours, including turning off the lights in an unused room, running some washing machines, and using the electric oven as little as possible. So far, the outgoing Draghi government has paid out a €200 bonus, and €150 should be added to the bonus soon. Now Enel decided to enter the field by offering an interesting reward Without ISEE.

    ENEL bonus without ISEE: Who can benefit from the subsidy?

    The ENEL bonus without ISEE is due to all those who provide electricity during the last quarter of 2022. The bonus will be credited to customers in 2023 bill.

    nel . bonus
    enel bonus –

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