Deadly call recording app: just a few steps and you’ll have the situation at hand | Surprisingly, it’s legal

    Deadly call recording app: just a few steps and you’ll have the situation at hand |  Surprisingly, it’s legal
    Record calls using an app –

    Smartphones have become indispensable tools for quite some time now and there are those who use them only to spend their free time and keep in touch with friends and those who use them for work.

    Phones can do a lot of things, like surf the web, download apps, text, make appointments, and send emails, but there’s one feature everyone should have: make phone calls.

    Calls can be of a different nature, but there are instances where one realizes that having a recording of what was said can be very useful, particularly when proof is required for legal proceedings. In fact, the recordings are not illegal As many believe and can be really essential aids in different contexts.

    In fact, in Italy, recordings are allowed as long as you are part of the call, and to be more explicit, it is not a crime to record a call when you are either the caller or the receiver. What is it However, third party registration is illegalEspecially if they are not warned in advance of what is happening.

    The main thing is to remember that anyway Posting recordings is illegal or voice messages without the consent of those who were recorded, so the recordings can only be used legally or privately.

    How to record calls using the app

    The most useful and most complete application to accomplish this task is for sure call recorder Which, after granting access to memory, directory and calls, will automatically record every call received and sent, and save directly to the phone’s internal or external memory (depending on requirements).

    Record calls with Call Recorder – (Source: freepik)

    Call Recorder appears once installed aVery simple and intuitive interface, which also partially supports dark mode. Within the application you will also find the possibility to customize the folder in which phone calls are saved, thus better managing the organization of your smartphone.

    Voice recordings start automatically when you answer and playback is really perfect when activated Loudspeaker In this way, it will be possible to obtain a perfect recording of the voice of both persons, without encountering sound problems. Once the call ends, the app will stop recording and It will save the audio to its own folderIt also provides the ability to add notes to the saved files.

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