Dead Island 2, a gameplay video with the first 11 minutes of the game

    Dead Island 2, a gameplay video with the first 11 minutes of the game

    Dead Island 2 It is featured by IGN with an extension video to Play which includes me The first 11 minutes From Dambuster Studios’ title campaign, which will be available starting April 21st in the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.

    Introductory sequences show a man who survived the crash of the plane he was traveling in over Los Angeles, but is out of danger as something strange seems to have happened to the city and the sudden arrival of a crowd of… zombies Shows how dramatic the situation is.

    As we know, Dead Island 2 will be set in Hell-A, a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles, and the first minutes of the campaign seem like an effective prelude to date The actual game.

    In these sequences it is already possible to try out some promising elements to experiment with, especially a combat system Deep and consistent, allowing you to feel every impact and attack enemies in a very free way, choosing different tactics.

    The FLESH technology developed by Dambuster Studios also allows you to materialize the undead and disable them in various ways, attacking their legs or arms, or knocking them down with the power of our blows.

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