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David Richards FIA, possible presidential nomination

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The campaign for the FIA ​​presidency could be a three-way battle, with David Richard added. Welshman, former F1 and WRC team manager, is indicated by the Racefans website as a potential candidate for the position covered by Jean Todt, who will not reappear for a third term. Richards, the owner of Prodrive, could be the third wheel that will challenge the official candidates, Ben Slim and Graham Stoker. If the rumor is confirmed, Richards will be competing for a coveted and complex position, as the president of the International Federation has a role in ensuring the present and future of the world of cars, sports and more.

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Who is David Richards, who seeks to preside over the International Automobile Federation?

Born in 1952, David Bender Richards is originally from Denbighshire and began his four-wheeler career as a navigator, winning the 1974 British National Championship with Tony Drummond. In 1976 he was part of the British Leland Team, as the “sail” of British hero Tony Bond. In 1986 he founded Prodrive, a team that competed in the national championship and then moved to the World Championship in 1989, as an official partner of Subaru. Discover the talent of Colin McRae, the tragically deceased WRC champion, with whom he won the 1995 World Championships. He repeated in 2001 with the late Richard Burns, then in 2003 with Petter Solberg. Subaru retired in 2008, leaving Prodrive the World Championships and then returning in 2011, with the Mini.

After leaving WRC, Richards was devoted to speed, an activity that actually began in 1987 at the British Touring Championship. He took care of the official Ford program in Australian Supercars, and the Aston Martin program first in GT1 and then in LMP1. Today he is responsible for producing and marketing the FIA ​​GTE and GT3 cars on behalf of the British manufacturer, and he is looking after the Bahrain Extreme team who this year made their debut in Dakar. Richards was also a team manager in Formula 1, at Benetton in 1998 and at Bar between 2001 and 2004. He is president of Motorsport UK, the main sporting association in the United Kingdom.

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Therefore, David Richards has the right skills to be able to lead the FIA. While waiting to hear about his “government” program, let’s take a look at his opponents. Bin Sulayem, an Emirati based in Dubai, is a former rally driver and president of the UAE Automobile Club. A former supporter of Max Mosley, Saleem first endorsed Todt’s candidacy in 2010, and was one step away from proposing himself in 2013. The other plaintiff is Graham Stoker, a British lawyer and former collaborator with Todt himself. Stoker has already repeated several times that he will constantly act with the former Ferrari manager, sharing his political options. More candidates may appear in the coming months, for the federal elections that could represent an epic turning point. or not.

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