Dacia Jogger, plenty of space for the tireless player – The Test by ANSA Motori

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    The station wagon is also a bit of an SUV, but it’s also a multi-spacer that winks at a sedan. It’s not yet understood on paper but it’s more of a Dacia Jogger concrete, which we tested with road kilometers and “special” loads. The final feel is a bit like experiencing different types of cars, all combined in one car, and it is not surprising that the Renault group car manufacturer refers to it as the “Swiss Army Knife”.
    The Dacia Jogger 2022, the latest model to arrive in the Mioveni brand range, adopts the CMF-B platform of the Losanga group, which through a whole series of actions in the name of ‘concrete benefit’ has allowed it to present itself to the public as a B-class car but with C-class dimensions, Packed with the features that make it an MPV – familiar yes, but also suitable for those who make a living between one sport and another or simply for those who carry everything with them at every step – it also has a line and design you like.
    The Jogger’s nose, which ANSA Motori tested in its limited edition “Xtreme”, faithfully follows the so-called “family feel” of the range, with part LED headlights (but the direction indicators and dazzling are halogen) and a dynamically shaped grille. The back, to take advantage of every angle by volume, is more squared.

    On the side, the line corresponds to another centerpiece of the Dacia range, the box office Duster, amidst the taut lines of the bodywork and muscular fenders. Another interesting trick is the one that is applied to the upper pillar, where between the second and third side windows there is a step that allows additional lighting and space for the rear passengers.
    Under the hood of our ‘Jogger’ under test, it beats a 1,000 cc, plus LPG, turbo petrol engine with a total of 100 hp and 170 Nm of torque. The gearbox is a well-spaced, precise 6-speed manual. Power is definitely not the Jogger’s strong point, even if it’s actually more than enough for everyday use, even for fun, as a result of the low weight of 1250 kg. Comfort, on the other hand, is not bad at all, thanks to the 16″ with 60 ″ shoulder tires. Consumption is In the city about 8 km/l (running on LPG), on the highway at 110 km/h you can do 12 km/l while at 130 km/h you are about 10 km/l.
    Needless to say, the Jogger’s real strength is its load capacity and wiper modularity. The Dacia ‘Swiss Army’ knife can, first of all, accommodate up to seven passengers, with the addition of a third row of seats. On board there is space for everyone and above all for everything thanks to 24 storage compartments, including the large drawer in front of the passenger, two pockets in the doors (capable of holding bottles up to one liter), and the central compartment underneath. On the armrest and several others missing in the cockpit, with 6 drink holders.
    Its wheelbase of 2.90 meters provides plenty of interior space, a record given the length of 4.55 metres, for the benefit of rear-seat passengers. The second row of seats can be folded down in a 60:40 pattern or folded vertically for easy access to the last two-passenger row (maybe no more than 180 cm).
    The trunk is limitless space, starting at 160 liters with all seven seats upright, and going up to 708 liters in a 5-seater configuration. The two additional seats can be folded down, freeing up extra space or removed entirely. Without the third row of seats and a folded central seat, the Jogger has a maximum loading compartment of 1,890 liters, a length of two meters and a useful width of almost 1.60 meters.
    All that’s left is to load up the Jogger, put the bikes and deck chairs in the trunk, and leave for the holidays.

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