Customs checks may begin between the EU and the UK

    Customs checks may begin between the EU and the UK

    The UK government has decided to introduce customs and regulatory controls under its post-Brexit trade deal, after four delays due to concerns about potential disruptions at ports. These delays caused significant friction with Brussels. The real fear was that if controls were introduced, goods would be kept in lines and there would be potential shortages of food products, given that the UK imports a large share of food from EU countries.

    But now the details of the new customs and regulatory process have been agreed upon and will be introduced later this year and fully implemented by 2027. The UK-EU customs controls have been in place since 2021, which is ironic given that it was the UK that decided to leave The cluster has more control over its borders.

    This is still a draft and the government wants companies to provide feedback before deciding on its final implementation. The government wants light and quick checks using digital systems, and it’s not yet clear how much can be done relatively quickly. The port of Dover will be hardest hit, but it is not the only point of entry into the country.

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