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Curious to know when we will meet the aliens? This is the most reliable estimate


Will we meet foreigners? And how will that be? The model developed by Hanson and colleagues gives us a fairly reliable estimate

According to a study, this is how much you should pass before meeting foreigners (Adobe Stock)

A fascinating topic as it is disturbing. It is practically certain that it exists in the enormity of space other living things, The so-called aliens. Without relying so much on the classic green shapes with the big heads and giant eyes we’ve come to know, Scientists and scientists They focus on data and estimates to understand when this might actually happen Close encounter of the third kind.

Specifically, a multidisciplinary team of researchers conducted a study from Universe Today. On top of the project Robin Hanson, an American university professor and economist, has been interested in this issue for some time. Here are some of the most interesting information that have been reported.

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Close encounters with foreigners of the third type: Estimates of a team of researchers

Three parameters are taken into account to arrive at a fairly reliable estimate (Adobe Stock)

To develop the research model, the Hanson-led team relied on the first assumption: intelligent civilization It develops through a series of steps, very similar to those seen on the ground. Precisely for this reason, researchers have created a model for estimating the whereabouts of alleged civilizations. The first parameter shows how 99% of advanced life forms appear In the distant future compared to today. The second parameter relates to the so-called big filter, With 9 steps leading to large-scale colonization:

  • habitable star system
  • reproductive particles
  • unicellular prokaryotic life
  • unicellular eukaryotic life
  • Sexual reproduction
  • multicellular life
  • Ability to use tools
  • industrial civilization
  • Extensive colonization
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The third and final parameter is instead From time and place. According to what was explained in the model, there will be a selection effect that will lead an advanced alien civilization to it Expansion to fill the universe. A corridor that leads aliens from a quiet civilization to a noisy one. So what is the result? We could meet aliens in hundreds of millions of years. To reach the stage of bustling civilization, estimates speak of a comprehensive period Between 200 million and 2 billion years from now.

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