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Cryptocurrencies Fly: What Happens to Bitcoin and Ethereum

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The value of cryptocurrencies continues to grow. One BitcoinThe digital currency he invented Satoshi NakamotoToday is equivalent to post 52 thousand dollars. But also its competitor,ether, Recorded an increase of 160% Since the start of 2021. Based on Ethereum technology, it has set a personal record of $ 1,918 as reported by CoinDesk.

Cryptocurrencies Fly: What Are Ether and Ethereum

The two Encryption They kept growing week after week. The most famous of them is Bitcoin, but Ether is also born from blockchain technology: it has various uses even though many people see it as an alternative to the creature Nakamoto, which in 12 years has reached $ 52,000.

Ether is the digital currency used in the network Ethereum: It is used specifically by developers to create applications and Clever Convention. In essence, it is a decentralized software platform and not a currency like Bitcoin. The other big difference is that Ethereum has no upper limit for ‘Mining(I.e. extracting or producing cryptocurrencies) is predetermined. There is no government or company that controls the emission of ether.

Cryptocurrencies Fly: What Happens to Bitcoin and Ethereum

But what allows cryptocurrencies to gain value and dramatically increase growth rates? One of the last major reasons is BlackRock’s choice to engage in the cryptocurrency world. The managed savings giant, through an interview with Cnbc Group’s fixed income head, Rick Reader, Revealed interest in Bitcoin.

In January, BlackRock decided to focus on Bitcoin as potential investments for two of its funds: BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities H Universal BlackRock Personalization Fund. A move that leads to new purchases of the asset.

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But the digital that shines isn’t all gold: there are those, like my analysts JP Morgan, Does not show enthusiasm for the digital currency. What frightens them is the extremist Volatility, Which characterizes the entire world of cryptocurrencies. According to experts, the risk of investment portfolios for US companies will increase even if exposure is limited: to them, Bitcoin’s values ​​appear unsustainable.

Bitcoin values ​​have moved 78% Since the start of 2021, having more than quadrupled in value in 2020.

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