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Crotone, a sick patient who comes to collect her pension on a stretcher because her relatives do not have an agent

Crotone, a sick patient who comes to collect her pension on a stretcher because her relatives do not have an agent

The incident took place in Crotone where the woman was accompanied by the whole stretcher inside the post office on Paternostro Road by relatives and the staff of the private ambulance in order to receive the pension because the family members did not have an agent to choose. In its place.

I fell seriously ill, and was forced to climb On the ambulance stretcher To be transported to the post office to pocket the pension Because relatives do not have a power of attorney to withdraw in his place. The silly episode was staged at Croton The woman was accompanied by a full stretcher into the post office on Paternostro Road by relatives and ambulance providers. The scene, which took place on Tuesday, was filmed by a passerby on the street, who aroused his interest in the unusual event, and filmed everything with his mobile phone. The video then ended up on social media, and went viral in no time and collected hundreds of comments, mostly from people angry about the incident.

As it has been reconstructed so far, it all started when the woman was unable to withdraw her pension due to serious health problems. Then two relatives took over the task of providing and went on their own to the post office Request to be able to withdraw the patient’s pension. The office clerk obviously had to refuse the request, explaining that a power of attorney was needed, and so the two left. Later in the same post office, the pensioner’s daughter who had accompanied her mother directly appeared on a stretcher with some employees of a private ambulance who were arriving there. At this point, the sight of the woman lying on a stretcher passing through the entrance door of the post office in Calabria is not empty.

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Poste Italiane: “I acted in accordance with the current regulations protecting citizens”

Poste Italiane stated in a press release that it “acted in full compliance with the regulations in force, which protect citizens and ensure the regularity of the transactions that belong to them. In particular, the pension in question is credited in a regular name, in the name of the pensioner only. Thus, the pension can only be withdrawn from Directly before the person concerned or another person who has Authorization or power of attorney to act With the relevant identity documents to support the “.” In the specific case, – an explanation from the Italian Post Office – on August 31, two people appeared at the post office, announcing that they could not go to the office. , He wanted to collect the pension without any documents proving family kinship or authorization to carry out the operation. The staff explained the procedures in place to the interested parties, explaining that it was sufficient to restore the power of attorney necessary to carry out the operation and related supporting documents. Instead, family members chose to transport the retiree by ambulance to the post office; After that, the pension was paid. Poste Italiane takes this opportunity to repeat this Pensions can also be withdrawn via ATMs– Postamat if holders of Postamat, Carta Libretto, Postepay Evolution or Carta Inps”.

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