Cross-Country Skiing – Julia Kern, From New Distances to Banning Fluoride: “But the World Cup in Minneapolis is a dream come true!” Italy Fund

    Cross-Country Skiing – Julia Kern, From New Distances to Banning Fluoride: “But the World Cup in Minneapolis is a dream come true!”  Italy Fund

    Julia Kerna cross-country skier from the United States, the national team returned from a season marked by great satisfaction, also on an institutional level: the skier is actually Representative of athletes in the FIS In association with the British James Clugnett.

    A role he has spoken about in his “Faster Skier” columns, explaining that his role is to act as a spokesperson for his “colleagues” and They poll each other at the end of winter To gather their general consensus and present the results to the consortium. This year, the main topics of discussion were the determination of race distances, the 2026 World Cup competitions and the Olympics.

    “Everyone agrees to that Holmenkollen can’t be on the calendar just six days after the last 50km of the World Championships The American, born in 1997, confirmed. However, I booked Holmenkollen Dates three years ago and it’s a Nordic weekend, which includes ski jumping and Nordic together… As soon as you start listening to these conversations, your eyes open.”.

    As for her Skiathlon “We have pushed for events to be held at least once a season. I think we will see many races of this type. During the Tour de Ski we will see some of them.”.

    there The fluoride issueinstead of “It has to be accepted, it will be a change for everyone. It is forbidden, everyone has to adapt. There may be some details that need to be investigated and understood, which is why we will have a meeting with the athletes in June about the issue.”.

    The first American rally in Bend is the perfect introduction to the new season: “We’re having fun, working on ski techniques and in the afternoons we go out for a bike ride – Julia Kern told “Faster Skier” –. We meet with our personal trainer, do strength tests, and work with our coach to build the program for the year. We also have sessions with our sports psychologist..

    The American aims to improve both in sprint and cross-distance races: “There are always things I want to change, specific exercises Which I would like to try and have not done in the past. This summer, for example, I’m going to New Zealand To spend some time in the snow and there I will have some specific goals to achieve.”.

    Meanwhile, Kern is already dreaming there World Cup stage in Minneapolis: “We’ve been thinking about it for years! It’s definitely going to be the highlight of the year, especially considering there’s no World Cup and no Olympics. We’re all very excited about it.”.

    Another strong point for the USA could soon be the relay: Team relays are a goal we have been striving for for a long time And we believe it is possible – explained the athlete –. It’s just about getting all the pieces together. It’s something that motivates me during training.”.

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