Cristiano Ronaldo reveals Manchester United’s problems: “I don’t accept that…”

    Cristiano Ronaldo reveals Manchester United's problems:

    Manchester (England) – Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Sky Sports UK about the situation of Manchester United, expressing his disappointment with the current state of the Red Devils: “I think that to build good things you sometimes have to destroy other old things. So why not? A new year, a new life and I hope Manchester United will be at the level the fans want. they deserve itOn the other hand, his team is in transition, having already changed three coaches this season: “Frankly, this is not easy. We had Solskjaer, then Carrick, then the new coach (Rangnick, editor). It’s hard to change a lot, it’s always hard“.

    Ronaldo angry: snores after Manchester United knockout

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    Ronaldo angry: snores after Manchester United knockout

    Ronaldo warns United

    But Cristiano believes that with the arrival of the German coach the situation is really changing: “Since he arrived, I think we have improved in some places, but he needs time. It is not easy to change the mentality of the players, the way they play, the culture, the system… I think it will do a good job. Farewell Solskjaer? It is always sad and difficult. He played with me before and is now my coach. great person. When he left, everyone was sad, but it’s part of football. When things don’t go the way the club wants, the club has to change. I was disappointed, but we have to understand. It was hard, but life goes onThen Cristiano Ronaldo warned the club, Make sure you know what the internal problems are: “I don’t accept that our mentality is less than that of being in the top three in the Premier League. I don’t want to be here to be sixth or seventh or fifth. I’m here to try to win and compete. We can change things now. I know the way, but I won’t say it here because I don’t think it’s true“.

    Cristiano Ronaldo could leave United

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    Cristiano Ronaldo could leave United

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