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Credit repayment deferred until December 31: Secured loans of up to 10 years

Credit repayment deferred until December 31: Secured loans of up to 10 years

“In the tax period following the current tax period as of December 31, 2020 – we read – for the increase in share capital compared to the previous tax period, the percentage indicated in the letter b) of Paragraph 287 of Article 1 of Law No. 160 equals 15 percent In the tax period following the tax period on December 31, 2020, increases in equity are recognized from the first day of the tax period.For the purposes of this paragraph, an increase in equity capital is recognized up to a maximum of 5 million euros regardless of the resulting amount of equity. About the financial statements. “

Facilities valid for 2020 operations

Therefore, the facility is valid for the operations identified in 2020: the rate that allows you to calculate the tax credit is tied to the share of the increase and raised to 15 percent. The maximum to which it applies, regardless of the actual value of the increase, may not exceed 5 million euros. This restriction may also have been introduced to reduce the cost of this feature to the country. The law allows for the accumulation of tax exemption and the ability to compensate it with other fees and contributions, such as Social Security or an Inail premium. And again: this tax credit can be transferred to external parties.

Extension of the recapitalization of public companies

Among the rules for liquidity, there is also a section on the capitalization of state-controlled companies. It is allocated to the new Alitalia company and the possibility of the state increasing its total capital by 3 billion euros, to be paid in several installments. The aforementioned rule, launched in March 2020, states that “The Ministry of Economy and Finance is authorized to participate in the capital and strengthen the capital endowment of the company referred to in this paragraph with a total contribution of 3000 million euros, from subscription in 2020 and payment also in several stages. And subsequent increases in capital or capital grants, as well as through companies with predominant public participation. ” The Sustini decree moves to the end of 2021, the deadline by which recapitalization can take place (there should be two tranches, the first of 1.2 billion).

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