Create a new video and character featured in the Autodesk Vision Series event –

    Create a new video and character featured in the Autodesk Vision Series event -

    With the Twitter account “Hogwarts Legacy News” we have the opportunity to see a new series of them Videos and photos dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, which the developers shared during the Autodesk Vision Series event. Among the various, we see the characters and the creation of our / our protagonist.

    As you can see below, a video Where our character (in this case it belongs to the house of Gryffindor) watches a group of witches fighting against a hippopotamus, along with a friend. The appearance of the protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy will be customizable, as we remember.

    The Professor Abraham Ronen, a Slytherin professor of magic. In the photo we see Hogwarts Legacy’s in-house editor for character creation. However, what is most interesting for players is the main character customization menu, part of which we can see in the image below. There will be presets to use as a basis, but we will also be able to tweak individual parts, such as hair cut, eye color, presence of scars, etc.

    Some information has also been confirmed by Chandler WoodHogwarts Legacy Community Manager. Wood confirmed the details about Professor Ronen.

    The presentation is not intended for an audience directly, so there is no new information, such as a release date. For now, officially, we only know it’ll be available by the end of the year (unless otherwise noted) but a new official book dedicated to the game seems to indicate the exact release date for Hogwarts Legacy.

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