“Crazy, he’s been here for 3 weeks. Let’s not complain, let’s do something.”

    “Crazy, he’s been here for 3 weeks. Let’s not complain, let’s do something.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger At work. Yes, but on the street, not in the cinema. The former governor of California decided to take the bulldozer and, with his “team,” repaired a pothole that had been causing traffic in his California neighborhood for weeks. Los Angeles. The “Terminator” actor tweeted a video that shows him working with two other people as he dumps a bag of hot mastic into the hole and spreads it with a shovel.

    Rome, the peak of injuries due to potholes on the sidewalks: “We are the elderly, the victims of the lack of maintenance of the roads”

    Video of Schwarzenegger repairing a pothole

    «This is madness. I’ve been waiting three weeks for this hole to be fixed»Schwarzenegger says to a curious motorist who stops and thanks him. «Today, after the entire neighborhood raged about this giant pothole that had been smashing cars and bikes for weeks, I went out with my crew and fixed it. I always say: let’s not complain, let’s do something. Help yourself»writes the American star in a tweet he posted yesterday, which has already exceeded 2.8 million views.

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