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Covid: UK has a plan for winter

Covid: UK has a plan for winter

The British government published document In which he explains the antiviral plan for the coming months: With the onset of cold weather, there is likely to be an increase in cases and therefore in hospitals, which will have to be mitigated at least in part by the effect of vaccinations. However, it is a good idea not to be caught unprepared – for the umpteenth time – and to be prepared to take the necessary measures to counter the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and any variants capable of evading or weakening vaccines.

Vaccines and traceability. The British government’s plan is based on two main strategies: first of all to continue the vaccination campaign, to give the third dose to the most vulnerable groups of people over 50 years of age, and to extend the standard vaccination program to the youngest; At the same time, it continues to test, trace and isolate new cases, to control potential new outbreaks.

plan b. If these two lines of action aren’t enough, we’ll move on to plan B, which includes Re-adoption Some of the effective measures in our country: we will return to work from home, wear masks (in England from 19 July, it is not mandatory even in enclosed spaces) and the green corridor will come into effect to access some public places. A new lockdown, a premise to be avoided because of the devastating consequences it would have on the economy and the morale of citizens, would only be adopted as a “last resort”.

An uncertain future. In this sense, Italy is already “ahead” of the United Kingdom (or even further behind in removing restrictive measures): it has never declared free all In British style, the virus Should (Necessary condition) To be more under control. But now we’ve learned this: Predictions, with SARS-CoV-2 as with any pandemic, are impossible and useless. A new variant capable of evading vaccines could emerge, for example, nullifying efforts to date. Or the vaccine’s immune effect may wear off soon (as some preliminary studies have been done in United kingdomAnd Israel NS Qatar), making a necessary booster dose for the elderly (more vulnerable and have been vaccinated several months ago). We can only do our part, and continue to take the necessary precautions – especially now that with the arrival of the cold, social life will take place in enclosed spaces – and hopefully the vaccination campaign will continue also in other parts of the world, to limit a once and for all the progress of the virus and prevent it from mutating The birth of new variables.

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