Covid: The number of infections recorded in the last 21 months in China. In Australia, more than 10,000 cases in 24 hours. Apple stores closed in New York

      Covid: The number of infections recorded in the last 21 months in China.  In Australia, more than 10,000 cases in 24 hours.  Apple stores closed in New York

    Omicron Gallops. Having passed between tampons and foregoing Christmas dinner and lunch, Europe is also trying to contain the wave on New Year’s Eve but is looking above all at the weeks and back to work and school after the holidays. But cases are increasing not only in European Union countries. The record of injuries in the last 21 months is also in China.

    Shops closed and home bans for hundreds of thousands of people in Yan’an, about 300 km from the city of Xi’an of 13 million people, are closed for the week to contain coronavirus infections. the guardian Reports indicate new provisions during the situation worry the Asian giant a month before the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The latest bulletin of the National Health Commission, reported by Xinhua, reported 182 new cases of local transmission of COVID-19 – 180 of them in the northern Shaanxi Province where Xi’an and Yan’an are located – 27 “imported” cases and 21 associated with asymptomatic patients.

    Yesterday, he writes Global Times, in Xi’an, there have been 175 confirmed cases, including a newborn aged just 38 days. For authorities, it is the most worrying number since December 9. the guardian It shows how the data for infection in China, and cases of local transmission as well as “imported” cases (209), is the highest since March of last year.

    The fifth round of group auditions has begun in Xi’an, according to reports CNN, while the Global Times He indicates that the city has recorded 810 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the beginning of this month. CNN reports that the measures taken by the authorities have been seen since the appearance of the first outbreak in Wuhan. Since yesterday, restrictions have been further tightened in Xi’an.

    Infectious Australia and the “human” error of a lab that sends wrong test results
    Australia reports record more than 10,000 cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours: It’s the first time since the pandemic began: The report guardian, which was reported by the Australian Associated Press. The high number of injuries in New South Wales (6,324), Victoria (1999) and South Australia (842) contributed to achieving this new record. Meanwhile, Sydney’s St Vincent Pathology Laboratory is once again in the media spotlight for sending nearly 1,000 people false Covid test results: a total of 995 people received negative tests, but in reality the results of their tampons had yet to be determined. Yesterday the lab reported negative results to 400 people, when in fact they were all positive.

    Use asymptomatic positive isolation reduced to 5 days
    The US authorities have decided to reduce the isolation of asymptomatic Covid positives from 10 to 5 days. There is no quarantine for dose vaccination in the case of positive contacts. This measure will reduce absences for those doing essential jobs, there is no shortage of cash from those who believe that with the omicron variant rampant and in the absence of tests, the CDC has succumbed to economic conditions.

    Apple closes its stores in New York as the epidemic escalates
    Apple stores in New York will be temporarily closed to the public, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. Only delivery services for products purchased online remain active. The ruling concerns all offices in the five districts of the capital.

    France and UK ready for new restrictions
    France and the United Kingdom fear further records of infection and are ready for new restrictions. France – which on Christmas Eve crossed 100,000 infections for the first time – decided to introduce a new “vaccine card” (equivalent to Italy’s Super Green Pass) for restaurants from January 15, with Parliament’s approval. All internal activities. 30,383 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the past 24 hours in France. This was announced by the country’s health authorities, explaining that 256 people had died of Covid-19 disease in the same time period.

    Premier pressure of Castex
    Prime Minister Jan Castex, in a press conference after the Cabinet on a video conference (in the past few hours, the Minister for Environmental Transition Barbara Bombely has also been found), insisted on the intent to strengthen the shield against the virus. From today it will be possible to reserve the third dose of the vaccine, or the booster dose, only 3 months after the second, as Israel, which in the meantime started giving the fourth dose, decided. Castex has also announced tougher penalties for selling fake green cards.

    Moreover, from January 3, it will not be possible to consume in standing rooms but only at the table, large events will be limited to 2,000 people indoors, 5,000 outdoors, and will return to mandatory smart work for at least 3 days a week. And just as in Italy then, Paris is also considering the need to reduce the days of isolation of positive contacts so that it does not find itself in January with a paralyzed country. But for the New Year, the “recommendations” of Christmas were repeated, namely to avoid parties and large gatherings, to use masks and to undergo preventive tests.

    United kingdom
    Britain has reported 98,515 new cases of coronavirus and 143 deaths. However, this is partial and only concerns England, as the other countries of the UK – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – did not provide official data during the holiday period. Boris Johnson’s British government does not intend to impose any new restrictions to combat Covid between now and the end of the year, because – Health Minister Sajid Javid explained – the trend of the epidemic in the UK (about 100,000 cases to date, but without the data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has not changed during Christmas period. However, Javid urged people to be open to “be careful” ahead of the New Year celebrations, noting that they are being tested quickly as a precaution and celebrate wherever possible.

    Germany, the infection curve is falling again
    In Germany, on the other hand, the curve of new infections continues to decline: 13908 and 69 deaths in the past 24 hours according to Robert Koch Institute, for which the data is considered unreliable due to the accumulated delays on vacation days and the low number of tampons. Experts and the Minister of Health have already warned that the numbers will rise again due to the Omicron variant.

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