Home Health Covid Infections Linked to Reduced Intelligence in New Study

Covid Infections Linked to Reduced Intelligence in New Study

Covid Infections Linked to Reduced Intelligence in New Study

A recent study conducted by scientists from Imperial College London has suggested that catching Covid-19 may result in a decline in intelligence. The study, which analyzed data from over 112,000 volunteers, found that severe infections were linked to the biggest decreases in IQ.

According to the study, people who managed to avoid contracting Covid-19 performed better in intelligence tests compared to those who were infected. Individuals who were admitted to intensive care due to Covid-19 scored approximately nine IQ points lower on exams, while those experiencing long Covid symptoms saw a six-point decline in IQ.

Interestingly, the original strain of Covid-19 was associated with a larger drop in IQ compared to the Omicron variant. However, the study also found that vaccination appeared to have a protective effect, with vaccinated individuals showing less of a decline in cognitive abilities.

The study did not directly compare the same individual before and after being infected with Covid-19, but brain scans suggested that the virus may impact brain function, possibly due to reduced oxygen flow. The lead author of the study described the implications of the findings as “quite scary,” highlighting the need for further research to fully understand the effects of Covid-19 on cognitive abilities.

It is still unclear how Covid-19 may affect the recovery of patients’ brains, but the study’s results underscore the importance of continued monitoring and research in this area. The findings serve as a sobering reminder of the potential long-term impacts of the virus on individuals’ cognitive health.

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