COVID-19 infections continued to fall in the UK in August

    COVID-19 infections continued to fall in the UK in August

    According to the ONS, infection rates for Covid have been declining in the UK since mid-August.

    The prevalence of Covid is lowest among school-age children, with 1 in 45 people testing positive. As students return to school, the Office for National Statistics promises to “monitor the data closely”.

    Beginning in early September, booster vaccinations are given to those most at risk to help them stay protected throughout the winter.

    The Office for National Statistics data is based on random tests carried out on residents of households in the United Kingdom, regardless of the presence of symptoms. The tests were conducted in the week ending August 16.

    According to these tests, 1.4 million individuals, equal to 2.2% of the population, may have tested positive for Covid that week, down from 1.7 million the previous week. COVID-19 infections have fallen across all UK countries, UK regions and age groups.

    Uncertainty about the upward or downward trend of Covid was limited to people aged 25 to 34. In early July, Omicron strains BA.4 and BA.5 increased infection. The number of deaths and hospitalizations from infections linked to Covid is also decreasing. This has led to changes in British testing rules. Most hospital patients and nursing home residents will not have tests until the end of August, unless they are showing symptoms.

    In addition, the NHS and social care staff in England will not undergo lateral flow testing unless they are sick.

    According to the authorities, this shows how low the number of cases and the transmission of the virus are.

    Currently, NHS staff in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are advised to undergo routine lateral flow testing even if they are asymptomatic.

    A program to provide a Covid recall and antiviral medication to millions of vulnerable people starting in September is expected to help protect those most at risk.

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