Home science Could regular intake of caffeine alter brain structure?

Could regular intake of caffeine alter brain structure?

Could regular intake of caffeine alter brain structure?

Coffee really appears to be one of the most studied drinks of this period: after seeing an interesting analysis that shows a surprising association between its consumption and Reduced risk of heart failureNow we’re talking aboutThe effect of caffeine consumption on the brain.

The study in question was conducted by the University of Basel and UPK (a psychiatric hospital in the same university), specifically by a group of researchers led by Dr. Caroline Reichert and Professor Christian Cajuchen, and it was finally published in the journal Cerebral cortex.

The analysis witnessed the participation of Prof. A group of 20 healthy young men Those who drink coffee regularly on a daily basis, given tablets, should be taken over two ten-day periods, but during this period they should not consume more caffeine. During one of these periods, they received tablets containing caffeine, while in the other period the tablets did not contain any active ingredients; At the end of each period, the researchers examined gray matter volume using brain scans and Sleep quality is evaluated Using the EEG.

The finding surprised the experts: caffeine was consumed as part of the study It did not result in lack of sleepIn fact, its depth was the same among study participants regardless of the type of capsule taken, but gray matter was found in the brain (particularly in the right temporal lobe, an area necessary for memory consolidation). More volume during the 10 days of placeboThat is, withdrawal from caffeine. These details, however, will be temporary.

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Reichert explained: Our results do not necessarily imply that caffeine consumption has a negative effect on the brain. But it is clear that daily caffeine consumption clearly affects our “cognitive systems”, which should itself lead to further studies. […] The changes in brain morphology appear to be temporary, but so far there has been a lack of systematic comparisons between coffee drinkers and those who consumed little or no caffeine..

Among other studies on coffee, one in particular showed that consuming it can help Fight the emergence of Parkinson’s disease.

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