Coronavirus, the National Basketball Association (NBA) shortens the quarantine period for asymptomatic vaccination: from 10 to 6 days

    La NBA accorcia la quarantena: da 10 a 6 giorni

    over there Upcoming news regarding COVID-19 protocols. As expected the athlete confirmed ESPN, The League and Players Association found a Agreeing to change the quarantine period required for first-level members (Players, coaches, staff and referees) who have tested positive for Covid-19. In the absence of symptoms, sufferers will be able to exit the protocol after six days instead of previously expected 10, thus significantly shortening the return time in the field and the period of inactivity. clearly You can also checkout early if there are two negative swabs within 24 hoursWhile if symptoms appear or you did not receive the vaccination, the previous timing remains. the decision In line with what was announced by the Center for Disease Control (Center for Disease Control), which announced Reducing the isolation period from 10 to 5 days for asymptomatic positives, given that the available data suggest that the viral load is low enough that it is no longer contagious. However, the NBA decided – using its own research, data from its experts, guidance from the CDC and models developed in the UK – Save an extra day of solitude, which means that Players like Kevin Durant will be able to return to the field starting on Day 7 after a positive smear test (The day is considered zero in the calculation). In particular, the data shows that positive people who received the booster vaccine clear the virus from their system much faster than those who were not vaccinated.

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