Home entertainment Coronavirus, latest news: Johnson’s plea for ‘caution’ in light of full reopening

Coronavirus, latest news: Johnson’s plea for ‘caution’ in light of full reopening

Coronavirus, latest news: Johnson's plea for 'caution' in light of full reopening

Locatelli (Cts): Yes to the green lanes of the indoor restaurants, the European influence can already be seen

I believe that choices must be made to oppose the resumption of the spread of the virus. Granting access to certain activities to those who have been vaccinated, or otherwise obtained the green certificate, is an inescapable strategy. I think of concerts, major events, stadiums, cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and gyms. In these cases, the need for the document is out of the question.” So Franco Locatellicoordinator CTS President of the Higher Institute of Health (Issue), in a newspaper interview, said he supported expanding the use of the green corridor, even to include restaurants. “Personally, I would say that the green aisle for indoor dining in restaurants should also be seriously considered. Moreover, I think those who are reluctant to return to restaurants will do so with more peace of mind knowing that people with certification have access to it,” she points out. The data indicates a net recovery of the viral cycle in the country.As documented by the control room, the average age of those infected is 28, because it shows how the infection is largely associated with young people due to greater socialization in the summer period, just as it did last year Locatelli continues, stressing that the effects of the European Football Championship are clearly visible. “They have already started monitoring from today and maybe we will see more. Moreover, it is known that the incubation of the virus lasts between 5 and 7 days. Clusters and crowds favored viral circulation. Just think also of the outbreaks associated with the quarter-finals and semi-finals that have already been identified in Rome.” As for the resume School, “We asked the CTS to encourage vaccination of school staff as much as possible – he says – but we can’t decide to make it mandatory, policy has to, given the social implications of such an option. The important thing is to eliminate disparities in vaccination rates, some areas Advancing in coverage, others have lower ratios and should address this gap quickly. The priority is to restart the school.”

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