Home science Coronavirus, gyms reopen early until May 24, and training is back indoors

Coronavirus, gyms reopen early until May 24, and training is back indoors

Coronavirus, gyms reopen early until May 24, and training is back indoors

We leave a week earlier than expected: you can go to the changing rooms without using the shower. Exemption from curfew for those who will attend Atalanta, Juventus

Indoor gyms are reopening early. It will start again on May 24th and never return on June 1st. The methods are those already known with spacing during a 2-meter activity according to the protocol already specified by the Sports Department. It will be possible to use the changing rooms, but not the shower. The re-opening followed that which actually allowed for a restart of the outdoor activity.

Also swimming pools

Another novelty is the indoor swimming pools reopening on July 1st. After the green light outdoors on May 15, the dispute that led to a widespread protest from the world of swimming was settled with the signed invitation – albeit at a period of the year where indoor activity is extremely low. . Indoor swimming pools that did not have a departure date will reopen as if they were “forgotten” with the spas. It will be necessary to respect the 7 square meter boundaries for each swimmer in the route, and protocols have already been in place by the territories in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Undersecretary of the Sports Ministry, Valentina Vizzali, signed a clause dedicated to basketball matches, which stipulates that 15% of the facilities capacity, without a ceiling of 500 spectators, will open from next Saturday to the semi-finals. From June 1 it will increase to 25% capacity (tournament finals will start on the 7th). You enter with a quick scan within 48 hours, a vaccination certificate, or a certificate of recovery from Covid in the past six months.

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Compete for the Italian Cup

In the next few hours, the exception will come from respecting the curfew, scheduled at 10 pm, for all fans who will be in Reggio Emilia for the Coppa Italia final between Atalanta and Juventus. Those who will be on the field after that will be able to return home after the match.

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