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Controversy over numbers and methods

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Mortgage Mario Draghi: Controversy has erupted in Italy over what has been granted to the current prime minister. An unimaginable scenario for ordinary citizens

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Mario Draghi (YouTube screenshot)

If you are the prime minister and your specified name is Mario Draghi, You can get a file Huge mortgage From One and a half million euros Even at the age of 72 then repaying the amount after 20 years. This is at the age of 92. This is what he reveals weather Today on newsstands with a focus directly on the front page, news that instantly attracted attention with inevitable controversy given the countless hardships of ordinary citizens.

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Mario Draghi mortgage, twenty-year loan up to 92 years

YouTube screenshot

It is, in fact, a concession Totally unique Obviously, the standards are not economic but rather personal. Usually – as the newspaper highlights – anyone would have had difficulty obtaining a twenty-year mortgage at that age. It was difficult or rather nearly impossible.

In fact, most banks only grant loans Maximum of 55 years So everything has already been set for 75. There are only a few institutes that go so far as to sign agreements with 60-year-old applicants under certain circumstances, but they are still rather complicated. In addition to being historical clients with a flawless shot, extensive safeguards are also needed in this case.

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Instead, when the new prime minister signed this contract with his wife, they were both 72 years old. However, as the paper notes, it does not matter much that the agreements also include the heirs who are theoretically obligated to pay in the event of the spouses’ disappearance. “according to law – The article reads – They have the right to relinquish the inheritance and the bank would run the risk of being left nearly empty-handed, with a risk they would not normally want to take. ”

In short: unimaginable sights for many. Among the public opinion there are those who consider such a scenario ridiculous given Severe treatment Rather for the rest of the population, and for those who consider everything completely legal by virtue of it Total economic guarantees Owned by the former head of the European Central Bank, unlike “mere mortals”.

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