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Continuous update of the explosion La Palma in the Canary, Lava del Cumbre Vieja rivers into the sea, destroyed nearly 600 homes. Photo and video status

  Continuous update of the explosion La Palma in the Canary, Lava del Cumbre Vieja rivers into the sea, destroyed nearly 600 homes.  Photo and video status
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Update April 29th Lava arrives at sea: They were less than 300 meters away from the target, which is the distance traveled in less than 24 Hours from one o’clock Smoother casting The Hawaiian species began to flock to the surface in abundance since noon on April 28. incandescent mass with fluctuating temperature Between 600 and 800 degrees Celsius that come into contact with the ocean waters they produce Explosions and huge clouds of steam water and other gases. Among the most dangerous out there Hydrochloric acid is toxic by inhalation But it appears that the evacuees are at a safe distance for the time being. Amazing pictures coming from the island, the lava tongue is progressing like a fan on the surface of the sea Building a new land….It is, after all, the story of the world we live in


unpredictable volcano: The seismic swarms that affected the area at intervals between 2009 and 2017 did not indicate an event of this magnitude, especially at such short notice. So the eruption came unexpectedly, taking everyone by surprise, and it is not known how long it can last Many other unknowns. Dimensions camera magmaticaSo I don’t know Possible sizes of magma that may surface. There is not a single vent, because it is a fissure volcano, emissions occur along a fracture of several kilometers deep, so it is not possible to know if, when and where new vents will open. The pictures are amazing:

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the situation – currently The most active mouths are four The last one was recently opened at lower altitudes in Takandi. Thelava river Due to the gradual cooling, I assumed a fan shape slowing towards the sea and widening sideways. The part of the land covered is increasingly large and at present Nearly 600 buildings were destroyed with more than 6000 evacuees. On the 27th day Pause in the rhythm of explosions And lava fountains It was promising But after a few hours the eruption resumed stronger with a new flow of lava that covered the previous one. Unfortunately interruption It is characteristic of strombolian-type eruptions. The eruptions have now subsided, and the volcano has returned to a more fluid phase Lava overflowing in large quantities. A real sea of ​​lava

Point of views – Nobody can say for sure How long will the rash last? But it seems now clear that It won’t stop anytime soonTaking into account historical eruptions can reach a duration of up to 2-3 months. Meanwhile, authorities are monitoring the lava’s speed to see if and when it will reach the sea, and it can now reach a few hundred meters (less than 300 metres). The positive is that due to the cooling of the mass, The front of the lava is advancing more slowly Compared to the emission point, albeit at a higher elevation, in some cases exceeding 12 metres. If this glowing mass is going to end up in the sea and right now the problem seems to be more than when, immediate reaction When it comes into contact with cold water, it generates powerful explosions With emissions of toxic gases, primarily hydrochloric acid, which is extremely dangerous to health. The momentary disintegration of the lava will also form small particles of volcanic glass which, if carried and inhaled by the wind, can be harmful to breathing.

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