Home Tech Construction site out of stock: Esselunga Mantova will open on Wednesday

Construction site out of stock: Esselunga Mantova will open on Wednesday

Construction site out of stock: Esselunga Mantova will open on Wednesday

Previous floor Mondadori, shop opens. 120 employees are recruited, many of them from Mantua

Mantua. The works are complete, and the sign has been victorious for a few days now on the red brick facade that juts out from the rest of the glass building. Everywhere, however, there is still confusion at the construction site that has not been fully cleared and cleaned. But these are just the details. Esselunga, the first store of the Caprotti brand in the Mantua region, is ready to open. Next Wednesday, on the day traditionally designated by the group for the opening of stores, where there was once a bus stop and then a volcano resulting from the unsuccessful operation of equipping the nearby convention center with a hotel and stores, we will also be a supermarket.

After two and a half years of work, which began at the end of 2018, to heal a wound the city has been trying to heal since 2013, when the construction site of the then-Forum Mondadori was abandoned due to financial difficulties, and it contracted infection. Two years later with the bankruptcy of the company that referred to Buscoldo businessman Antonio Muto.

Now the former Mondadori Square will come to life with people busy with daily shopping and that point of town, a stone’s throw from the historic center, will once again become a beating heart. As for Mantua, there are still no signs, such as posters or pamphlets, warning of the opening, but from the headquarters in Isilonga, in the Milan region, they confirmopening day For wednesday. The two floors are under construction. Which will contain fresh vegetables and gastronomy, will be completed at the last minute. On the other hand, the shelves are really nearly full. There are no set times yet for the opening, as well as for the opening ceremony with the city authorities, as if low lights were preferred. But it wouldn’t be like this: “The calls are about to leave,” says Isilonga. No contact has yet arrived in the municipality. A problem has been called for the local police to organize itself only at the last minute to deal with the traffic congestion that will, as expected, pour into viale Piave and viale Nuvolari.

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The new store will occupy two floors of the building that was built in the middle of what was formerly Mondadori Square. The commercial area will span an area of ​​2,500 square meters, where 120 employees, many of them from Mantua, will be employed long ago and then appropriately trained. How the store will be organized is not yet known. On the ground floor, there should be, in addition to the cash offices, fruit and vegetable departments, while on the first floor there are shops with counter service for fresh products such as meat and fish, take-out and bakery. There’s also the Atlantic Bar, a format in the major chain stores, with catering service, and a dedicated space for online shopping. The building will be equipped with 460 parking spaces between those on the ground floor and those divided into two underground floors (to be added to the adjacent 366 Bradella car parks that have been sold to the municipality).

With the shop the path will also open which, outside, will lead the visitor to admire the relics of the 15th century city walls that appeared during excavations, and other discoveries. It is that archaeological park in which Esselunga, through the works executing Ardea of ​​Brescia, has taken responsibility along with other compensation works such as the viale Piave roundabout, bike and pedestrian paths, and demolishing the former sports hall in Porta Ceres to make way for the municipal parking lot.

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