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Conservatives ask Prime Minister Suniak to scrap “net zero” policies to try to win elections

Conservatives ask Prime Minister Suniak to scrap “net zero” policies to try to win elections

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may consider dropping his net-zero key pledges in a bid to win public support, the report said, according to his cabinet ministers and senior Tories. telegraph.

This is the Conservative reading of the latest midterm elections in three constituencies, two of which go to the Labor Party and one to the Conservatives. The only Conservative victory, Uxbridge’s victory, was vehemently opposed to Mayor of London Khan’s excessive environmental policies, with the cost of the ULEZ toll area increasing.

Conservative leaders want the PM to better protect families from the cost of phasing out new gas boilers by 2035 and delay a ban on the sale of new petrol cars by 2030. I want to use the so-called “The Green Wedge”, concerns about the high costs of CO2 transition, for voters who might switch to Labor, after the recent scandals, who want to hit climate targets as in the ULEZ. The measure, which costs each citizen £12.50 to enter inner London and is much hated, proved crucial on Friday for the Conservatives not to lose their constituency.

So conservative politicians have become very critical of net zero in 2050 and forcing the abandonment of the internal combustion car in 2030 or forcing heat pumps.

A cabinet minister told The Telegraph: “It is about speed and practicality. This is not a field of pure ideology, it is a field of balance. I’m not denying the need for net zero, but making this a top priority means you end up as a green bunch with no growth. “

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At this point, the Tories would like to focus on a much slower pace and, above all, on a transition that does not burden citizens’ pockets, and instead Labor puts Lord Strummer in a difficult, not particularly kind and very knowledgeable about CO2, especially when citizens pay for it.

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