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“conflicting”. Is there a return to the hypothesis of increasing the fee for licensing of opinion?


Taxes are on the rise for Italians, who are anxiously awaiting their electricity and gas bills that will hit big prices due to the high prices of raw materials. Now what is worrying are also the words of Rai Group CEO Carlo Fuortes, who discusses Rai license fee He did not hesitate to define it as an inappropriate tax. Now the fear is that citizens may also see an increase in the tax on possession of appropriate equipment for receiving television programmes.

contradictory law

Speaking at the hearing during the Supervisory Committee meeting, Carlo Fortez Draw attention to the current RAI fee, which he defined as a tax “Inconsistent and uncertainThe CEO of Rai Group also noted that the license fee is now 90 euros, while in Croatia 127 euros are paid for public television, 138 in France, 185 in Great Britain, 220 in Germany and 312 in Switzerland. , in Italy you payFees are inconsistent with respect to Rai’s primary obligations in managing public service missions“.

It does not end here. Then Carlo Fortez pointed out that since 2013 there have been a series of Interventions which is inscribed on the canon which then enters the vaults of Viale Mazzini: “Every year an intervention affects the fees that have reached Rai, so the resources are very uncertain and it is difficult for the company to plan on a multi-year basis“.

In short, are you considering increases? For now, Fuortes is limited to saying so, thanks to the inclusion of the canon in Electricity bill (Found by Matteo Renzi, Budget Law 2016, Article 1 of Article 152 et seq.), Now many Italians pay taxes, one of the most unpopular. The situation went from 15 million to 21-22 million, with the evasion rate dropping from 27% to 5%-3%. All this, however, is not enough. “All the work done by the fees in the invoice was not for the benefit of the company‘Indeed, Ray Group CEO announced.’These increases to taxpayers were more than proportionally reduced by a reduction in the fee, which went first to €100 and then to €90, and by an increase in the withholding tax on additional revenue. In 2014-2020, higher deductions from ordinary fees resulted in a total tax on fees of €1.2 billionFinally,Rai receives only 86% of the rentFortes also expressed concern that, according to applicable rules, fees should only be paid by those who own a digital land device. Citizens who own a multimedia device may not pay.

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Suggestion or offer

The conclusion was reached:Either sufficient resources are guaranteed for the opinion, or they come close to what is happening in other major European countries, or the scope of work will have to be reduced and we will have significant risks to future development, primarily investments in both cultural and technological products.“. from here He suggested To abolish the franchise tax on Rai’s regular fee, so as to provide the company with greater resources. Fortes talked about fully recognizing fee resources (while eliminating the current discount of 110 million), expanding the application of fees to multimedia devices and reshaping the ad congestion limit per segment to 8%.

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