Home entertainment Comes to Japan’s classic album “Quite Life” Deluxe Edition

Comes to Japan’s classic album “Quite Life” Deluxe Edition

Comes to Japan's classic album

Imagine for classic Japan album

Classic from Japan’s “quiet life” The 1970s closed figuratively and literally and began the 1980s through the fact that they appeared around Christmas, in some countries in 1979 and in others in 1980. An ideal time for a band on the verge of leaving glam rock, with beyond punk shades and delivering a record with a new voice Totally that would define the new decade. “A quiet life” It was the band’s third, final, and most successful album for the Hansa Records label, including the accompanying singles; “A quiet life” H “All tomorrow’s parties” In addition to other singles that were not originally included on the album, they are now included in the new deluxe release; “Life in Tokyo”And the ‘European son’ H “I’m the second of that emotion.” They were a precursor to the alternative, new wave and new romantic sounds of the early 1980s. While the album will not make it to the UK’s 50 best albums, its lasting impact will be felt for decades to come and is now recognized globally as one of the great British classics of the era.

“A quiet life” It is now the subject of a new major re-release with an entirely new half-speed remake of the original album, alternate mixes, B aspects, singles, scarcity, and live material including the required “Missing” recording. Live in BudokanFrom March 1980 it was previously only available as a 4-track EP Live in Japan. The release features original artwork from the restored album, and new exclusive written notes with an introduction from the original manufacturer, John BunterUnpublished photographs and memorabilia.

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Talking about “A quiet life” In 2019 Japan drummer, Steve Jansen, Dice: “It seems to be the most accomplished work of a group of musicians starting to find their own voices, rather than demonstrating their ability to write / play music“.

Even the keyboard trigger, Richard BarberryRealizes the seismic shift the band has experienced.It is as if we discovered subtleties, subtleties and nuances overnight. A big change due to the fact that David started writing more on the piano and I think this is the latest, sturdier piece of the period. More open and spacious songs as we start to discover how to build arrangements“.

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