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Colorados Deion Sanders Criticizes Late Kickoffs in Pac-12: Grateful to Be in a Different Conference

Colorados Deion Sanders Criticizes Late Kickoffs in Pac-12: Grateful to Be in a Different Conference

Title: Colorado Coach Deion Sanders Calls Out Late Kickoffs in Pac-12 Conference

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In a recent interview, Colorado’s coach Deion Sanders expressed his frustration with the late kickoffs scheduled in the Pac-12 conference. According to Sanders, playing games at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. is far from ideal for both players and fans alike.

Sanders raised concerns about the decision-making process behind scheduling these late games and how it affects viewership. Under the Pac-12’s TV deal with Fox and ESPN, games are chosen well in advance, leading to late kickoffs for Colorado. The coach questioned the rationale behind this scheduling strategy, given the potential negative impact it has on both players and fans.

Despite the inconveniences caused by these late kickoffs, Colorado has managed to generate a significant following this season. In fact, the team has participated in five of the top 10 most-watched college football games. This highlights the popularity and excitement surrounding Colorado’s performances, despite the scheduling challenges it faces.

Furthermore, in a surprising move, Colorado announced in July its decision to leave the Pac-12 conference and rejoin the Big 12 conference. This decision raised further questions about the rationale behind scheduling late kickoffs for a team that will soon be departing the Pac-12.

Sanders also questioned how people are expected to fill the considerable time gap leading up to these late kickoffs. When asked about alternative options, such as watching football on Fridays, Sanders wondered who is playing on those days. His remarks underscore the frustration felt by coaches, players, and fans who find themselves waiting hours before their team takes the field.

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As the discussion surrounding late kickoffs continues, it remains to be seen whether the Pac-12 or other conferences will address these concerns and take action to better accommodate the needs of players and fans. Until then, Colorado and its supporters must endure the challenges of late kickoffs while eagerly awaiting their team’s entry onto the field.

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