Colnago details Bojar won Flanders: gears, tire pressure and…

    Colnago details Bojar won Flanders: gears, tire pressure and…

    Let’s get into specifics Colnago V4Rs by Pogačar He performed at Flanders 2023, the fastest ever with an average speed of 44.1 km/h.

    We’ve become accustomed to performances like this, and at the basis of everything is a champion engine, which this year also seems to be accompanied by an endless kind of victory. Even technical choices, however, play an important role in improving a runner’s potential above all else When it comes to pavé and the Northern Classics.


    V4Rs chassis

    The carbon fiber frame is the new Colnago V4Rs, launched at the end of 2022, but the Slovenian has already been using it in the prototype version since summer 2022.
    Declared weight, unpainted, is 798 grams, but compared to previous V3Rs the improvement is mainly aerodynamic in nature.

    The sizes and geometry have changed from the V3R, but we think Tadej uses a 48.5. The bike is available in three seating options, with 0, 15 or 30mm of bounce. From the photos you can see how Pogačar uses a standard 15mm one.

    Colnago Bogar Flanders

    Another privacy related to Cockpit (handlebar + trunk). Indeed, the new V4Rs were born to be fitted with integrated Colnago CC. 01 handlebars, but Tadej, since the start of the season, has preferred non-integrated handlebars and stems.

    These are the signed components my nose (The new technical sponsor of the UAE National Team).
    turn SES Aero handlebars 37cm wide, with a high grip that’s narrower than the Drops, along with controls that have been rotated inward, allowing it to be more aerodynamic. Not a small advantage, especially at higher speeds which we will return to in more detail in the next few days.

    Colnago Bogar Flanders
    Thanks to the handlebar shape and internally rounded arms, Pogačar manages to stay with narrow arms and shoulders, which greatly reduces aerodynamic sway.

    Wide channel and low pressures

    Pogačar raced for Flanders with Enve SES 4.5 wheelsa form he feels particularly comfortable with and which he has used regularly since the start of the season.
    Profile height varies: 50 mm in the front and 56 mm in the rear.

    However, the real characteristics of this model are Hookless structure and 25mm inner channel, Anything too wide. There are two options that still make many enthusiasts and professionals raise their mouths, but which obviously work well, and how …

    Colnago Bogar Flanders

    Enve SES 4.5 installed with Continental GP 5000 S TR 30mm tubeless tyres, It is not found on older V3Rs, but the V4Rs wheel pass allows you to use it.
    The wide wheel channel and tire width allowed Bojar to use extremely low pressures: second topfilo Let’s talk about 3.6 bar in the front and 3.4 bar in the rear (Tadej said he weighed about 67 kilograms at the time.)

    These are pressures similar to those chosen by Valverde for Strade Bianche 2022 and which guarantee a good advantage on the paved sections.

    Colnago Bogar Flanders

    Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset

    The UAE team changed supplier in 2023, switching from Campagnolo to Shimano. Pogačar has been using a kit since the beginning of the year Shimano Dura-Ace di2 9200. For Flanders he chose one 54-40 crank and 11-30 rear cassette.
    Shimano Dura Ace are also the pedals.

    The saddle completes the setup M5 scratch introduction With a carbon fiber hull, positioned somewhat forward and pointing downward, and bottle cages Elite Carbon Lightweight.

    for more information:

    Below is a breakdown of the final 55km of Flanders 2023:

    The last 55 km of Bojar in Flanders 2023: exaggerated speed (watts) …

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