Home World Cold, Alpine Snow Returns, Then Spring: Weekend Weather

Cold, Alpine Snow Returns, Then Spring: Weekend Weather

Cold, Alpine Snow Returns, Then Spring: Weekend Weather

In the end, more than an intense back-to-back, it will be a whim like a snowy winter, sometimes “resilient”, but in its own way a spring that will close in the third weekend of March. The image is one depicted by models descending from the North Pole onto the sea to unleash a vortex that feeds – from east to west – rain and snow in Piedmont.

However, it appears that the center of this depression is not too close to our “corner”, but a little further south. And so, while already at night between Wednesday and Thursday, a few centimeters bleached the Alps above 1500 meters (10 cm) in Limon Pancani, as well as in Mondoli) and after yesterday Genoa was beaten by “gerbils”, that strange cold that resembles a cold that bounces Off the road, the snowfall forecast has eased but not completely canceled. Bad weather already affects Granda at these hours, but after the first expected snowfall that started at night, real snow appears to be rising, at least for this morning’s events, and soon after an afternoon snowfall.

Fiocchi will however descend slightly over the entire alpine arc, especially in the Cozie and Marittime regions, up to hill elevations and canyon floors (550-600 meters). However, it will be a few millimeters of water or snow dust mixed with water, which can sometimes also reproduce the “round snow” phenomenon that Liguria witnessed yesterday.

Tomorrow Saturday and the spring equinox the sun prevails with minimum temperatures that have collapsed at dawn with the return of clear skies, with a maximum of no more than 9-11 degrees. Still in evening alpine clouds are accompanied by flakes that can fall to the bottom of the valley. Then on a Sunday, calm and cold in spite of the sun, the return of high pressure will open.

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