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Clubhouse on Android, there is the date: this will be the time when it will be available

Clubhouse on Android, there is the date: this will be the time when it will be available

Finally here we are: The Clubhouse arrives on Android. Alpha Exploration announced the arrival date

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Clubhouse is also arriving on Android, here is the official date (Getty Images)

The first months of 2021 were inevitably marked by Club House. The app, launched by Alpha Exploration Co. -Create and access thematic sound rooms in a somewhat limited number From the participants and listeners. One of the elements that made the service so popular was its exclusivity: it was only accessible By invitation and iOS device.

Or at least, it will be for a longer period of time. As I was rumored several weeks ago, in fact, it’s straight at home Android version Request. An important step by the company, which is thus trying to revive the fortunes of an app that has lost some of its charm. With Twitter sharing, The official date has finally come.

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Clubhouse on Android, then it will be available

Starting this week, Clubhouse will land on Android all over the world. The announcement was made through a post on the platform’s official Twitter account. Specifically, the historical history of Italy It will be on the afternoon of May 21. A long awaited novelty that is finally becoming a reality for users aiming to expand and thus recharge the service Who has been struggling lately.

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The Call system, Which you will need to know inside the app before you can access it. The developers have also identified – at least for the first few weeks – the Android version It will be limited compared to iOS. Features like the ability to follow a topic, open a club, or make payments in the future will be added.

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